2012 will prove to be one of our most difficult years to endure – it’s definitely a crossroad for America and the road we choose in 2012 will determine America’s future. It would be awesome to think our decisions will be based on hard facts, evidence and past experiences, but this isn’t the case.

The Commander in Chief has surrounded himself with those who wish to do us harm, bring our Country to its knees and thus 2012 will be a very grueling difficult year. He is a predator, preying on the poor, the seniors, the middleclass and most important on our youth. Obama and his Administration know that money talks and he is armed with a limitless amount of money, Union backing, support of George Soros and his many special interest groups, Communists, Marxists, and the Liberal News Media.

Obama’s campaign agenda is unlike anything we’ve experienced in all of our history – he can’t campaign on performance, he can’t campaign on job creation, he can’t campaign on foreign policy or his ability as a leader.

So, we are about to experience a year of political rhetoric, lies and propaganda laced with class warfare, racism and what he calls “Community Organizing.” Obama’s army is out to destroy American Capitalism and free enterprise as they try to create fundamental transformation on our citizens and our Nation.

In 2008, we experienced the evils of money, class warfare, voter fraud, illegal campaign contributions and the power of the Liberal News Media. Obama and his Administration have been working 24/7 for over a year to present the ominous Obama sequel of 2008. They have their “Ducks in Order;” they’re posed and ready to put Obama back in the White House for a second term.

As we speak Obama is using the Cloward – Piven strategy and is orchestrating one crisis after another using those who are oppressed to do his dirty work for him. He is creating an atmosphere of discontent in the Hispanic, African American, women, the poor and in our youth; he is preying on the innocent!

We’ve become a high tech society and seem to be entirely dependent on the “Social Media” as our information source. Our youth are the sophisticated new generation who thrives on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Dig it, etc. for their daily dose of news. They feed on information from the “Social Media” and tend to absorb every bit and piece of information and like sponges. Obama relies on America’s ignorance, laziness and complacency and is posed ready to hand feed America his new age of “Change,” minus the “hope.”

Obama has vast array of online websites fingering the youth, the Hispanics, the African Americans, women, people of faith, Asian Americans, veterans and Jewish Americans. Each site is filled with propaganda using key words like equal, fair, strengthen, future and of course a blip saying each segment of Americans must follow his roadmap of community organization.

2012 will prove to be very different than the 2008 Presidential Election, because Obama has been exposed as a corrupt leader whose only goal is to destroy our Nation as we know it. He doesn’t have a record to run on, his failed policies have created 4 trillion more in our National Deficit and 14 million Americans are on the unemployed list.

Americans have cornered Obama and his Administration, exposed them as thieves, exposed their radical ideology and exposed the corruption existing in the White House. In 2012 we will see the other side of Obama; he’s already is backing the Wall Street Protestors, the Muslim Brotherhood in foreign Countries, the Muslim community in the USA and the Soros community organizers. We’ve experienced his angry fangs of redistribution and realize now that his mission in 2009 was not to lead, but to destroy.

Theoretically if money and lies are the deciding factors, Obama will be ushered into the White House for a second term, but, there is one variable that Obama and troops can’t defeat.

As I’ve said many times, Americans hold the winning hand for “God is alive and well.” Need I say more????

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca