In an interview October 2011, with George Stephanopoulos, Obama just admitted that Americans are not better off than they were four years ago. In essence, he’s saying that the 4 trillion dollar increase in our National Deficit was merely a costly exercise in futility. Many Democrats realize they were duped in 2008 – they are starting to worry about their Country, their children, grandchildren and of course job security is right there at the top of their list.

Here’s a news update that is factual, not laced with lies or political rhetoric – it was DEMOCRATS who refused to give him more money to redistribute. It was Democrats who turned down his idiotic budget this spring and it is Democrats who are questioning his ability to serve as Commander in Chief.

Senator Joe Manchin, D-W. Va isn’t happy with Obama’s economic and energy issues – Chris says he’ll evaluate what is best for West Virginia before deciding if he’ll even consider backing Obama in 2012. Chris like so many other Democratic Senators must face their constituents at home who are concerned about the strangling EPA regulations, a frozen economy and extremely high unemployment.

There’s a consensus with many Democrats starting way back in the summer of 2010, that Obama is totally disengaged leaving all the heavy lifting to them without any real support. They feel that the stimulus, Obamacare, his jobs plan, taxing the wealthy has been dumped in their laps and we all know that’s true. In fact one lawmaker stated that Obama says “we’ve got to get tough” and then he looks back over his shoulder at Congress and says, “You Guys Do It.”

But, why should the Democrats be surprised – that is Obama’s mode of operation. He’s going on a 17 day vacation and threatened Congress before departing, saying, “Any effort to tie Keystone Pipeline to the payroll tax cut, I will reject. So everybody can be on notice.” He just dumped 10,000 Americans, the Unions and the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on their heads – they have been counting on Keystone Pipeline job for jobs.

So to the Liberal News Media, can quite pretending that Obama cares about restoring our economy or creating jobs. Americans are tired of your malicious rants accusing everyone but Obama for our fallen economy and lack of leadership. Your news reminds me of sewer water – it’s dark, dirty with a rank odor and an endless supply of rotten content.

There’s some mighty fine Democrats out there – they’re Patriots and want to restore our Country and create a robust economy again, but Obama’s breakfast club elite keep slapping them around and threatening them.

Rep. Dan Boren, is pro industry from head to toe, but guess who’s trying to wipe him off the map – the weak kneed NYT’s who have about as much clout as bad boy Charlie Sheen. Dan is one of the most Conservative Democrats in the House and Dan has made a decision to work from the outside in – keep an eye on Dan, he’s someone we can all be proud of today and tomorrow.

In a recent Gallop Poll 44% of the Democratic base aren’t thrilled with Obama and the upcoming Presidential Election of 2012. Just think about that, almost half of the Democrats are having second thoughts about Obama.

Two of Obama’s most devoted followers, Chris Matthews and James Carville doubt Obama’s leadership abilities. Chris no longer gets that “Thrill up his leg,” he was bragging about and says, “Obama isn’t happy in the White House and Chris wonders why Obama wants a second term and what are his plans for a second term.” Chris chastises Obama’s advisers saying, “They’re little kids running around with propellers on their heads.”

Not much left for this person to run on in 2012, he absolutely doesn’t have any ammo for his gun – except class warfare and racism.

The question is this – will the Democrats allow Obama to continue his destruction against them or will they stand up and fight for their children, grandchildren and future generations?

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca