MSNBC – As usual Rachelle Maddow has her claws out attempting to trash Newt Gingrich and the sad part is she used Karl Rove, Tom Coburn and Charles Krauthammer to back up her comments about Newt. This shows that the establishment Republicans are not about to give up their ancient positions of corrupt politics. Actually Rachelle had a very power packed review, which pretty much lays out what Americans are facing in 2012.

This is probably a good thing to bring this message forward to the viewers, because it’s obvious that the old dyed in the wool Republicans are going to resist Newt Gingrich every step of the way. Shame on them – they’ve exposed their selfish desire to stop anyone who wants to change business as usual in the White House.

So if we had any questions about the problems we’re going to face, it’s becoming quite obvious that we have much more to contend with then Barack Obama and the Liberal News Media. We have a devious corrupt bunch of Republicans who are fighting for their jobs, their sacred cows, their share of the pork and they aren’t interest in “taking back our Country.”

Hardball with Chris Matthews isn’t anything exceptional this week, but Chris says the more they attack Newt the better it is for Newt. His guests say now’s the time to knock Newt out and if Romney doesn’t step up to the bat and find his spine he’s going to fade quickly in his run for Presidential Candidate.

They qualify their statements by saying that under conventional rules Newt would never survive, but this year’s Presidential run isn’t conventional in anyway.

John Harris from Politico says Romney’s ads are very controversial and won’t do much good. In Newt’s defense, he says when the big issues are brought to the table, personal issues pretty much are taken off the table. John says Newt’s personal stuff isn’t going to stop his Presidential run. Chris Matthews says to keep hitting Newt on his personal chops is old hat and not really going to make Newt go away.

Chris says the only way that Romney can open up Newt Gingrich is to show that he’s deeply flawed due to his previous performance as speaker, but Chris’s statement lost steam, because he messed up his message saying Newt can’t play defense only offense. It’s pretty obvious that Newt can play both offense and defense!

NBC – is staying pretty neutral saying Newt Gingrich will be in the midst of the cross fire in the Republican debate on Saturday 12/09/11 and other Republicans fear Gingrich as a loose cannon. They say Ron Paul has a very strong backing in Iowa because he’s in second place according to recent polls tied with Romney. Ron Paul is advancing rapidly in the Iowa polls!

Hopefully everyone had a chance to watch The ABC Republican debate in Iowa that was moderated by Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos – it was obvious that Newt Gingrich was being attacked from all sides. Newt overall handled himself like a candidate who was running for the Republican Presidential Candidate for 2012. He maintained his poise, gave very direct accurate responses and gave no inclination that he was flip flopping on major issues.

The problems we’re facing in the Presidential Campaign for 2012 certainly aren’t conventional, because we not only have Obama’s money, his Liberal News Media backing, the Unions and Special Interest groups to contend with – the old Republican establishment have thrown their hats into the mix now.

It’s obvious that 2012 is the year we need to replace Obama and a slew of Republicans. We must ruthlessly weed out many of the Republicans holding office now, maintain the majority in the House and gain the majority in the Senate. The good thing is this – we now know what our agenda is for 2012 and it’s much more than just selecting the right Presidential Candidate.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca