Republicans and Democrats voted and moved our troops into Iraq nine years ago and the question no longer remains, “Should we have troops in Iraq?” The question today is what will happen once our troops are removed from Iraq? Who will stop Iran from taking over Iraq?

Today on National news we hear Obama trying to sell Americans and our Military on the removal of troops from Iraq. Isn’t it amazing that one person can make critical decisions without consulting the Military, Congress or America? Just like declaring war in Libya, Obama bi passes Congress because he knew Congress would not allow him to make such a reckless decision.

Some critics such as retired general Jack Keane have said the withdrawal will endanger the security gains won by U.S. troops, more than 4,000 of whom died in Iraq over nine years of fighting.

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon has doubts that Iraq is being left safe, stable and self – reliant, but that’s the garbage Obama is selling us. Here’s a CNN Poll November 2011 and here is one of the questions asked in the poll. “Do you think the U.S. has or has not achieved its goals in Iraq?” 50% responded (Has) and 47% responded (Has Not.) Iraqis are yet toddlers and not ready to walk by themselves.

Obama throws the Egyptians, Libyans and other Middle East Countries to the wolves or should I say “the Muslim Brotherhood.” His speeches concerning these Countries appear to be timely and a signal for the Muslim Brotherhood to make their move; each time he spoke words of encouragement to the protestors, the Muslim Brotherhood showed their ugly heads.

Iran, like the Muslim Brotherhood is waiting patiently on the outskirts of Iraq and will probably overpower Iraq literally over night; Obama gave Iran a definite time line when all US troops would be removed from Iraq, just the same as he’s doing in Afghanistan at this time. Give the terrorists a heads up and supply them with a timeline. It’s like our Commander in Chief is signing their marching orders!

What must our Military be thinking right now after nine years fighting for a Country that had been ravaged by a ruthless dictator (Saddom Hussein?) Thousands of our brave Military gave their lives for a cause they believed in and after the removal of Saddom Hussein they started programs that would give women, men and children hope for the future. Daily we saw the results of their diligence and bravery as they methodically continued on their plan to help Iraq stand on its own.

He’s sold out many of the Middle East Countries to the Muslim Brotherhood and his wobbly policies on Iran have placed the whole world in danger and today he’s asking the Iranians to please give us back our U.S. Sentinel drone intact. His weak approach places one of our most advanced drones with sensitive technology into hostile hands – no doubt China is already on the scene.

Colonel Oliver North, says over a million five hundred thousand of our Military actually saw combat in Iraq. Our Military is known for their diligence, bravery and determination; they start a job and never walk away until their mission is accomplished.

We have an enemy in our midst, one who has entrapped our businesses (big and small), increased our National Deficit over 4 trillion dollars, redistributed 787 billion dollars of taxpayer’s money, started a war in Libya, backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Mideast Countries and who has been MIA since January 2009.

He hasn’t led, but he’s forced his Autocratic Leadership on all Americans, his Administration, our Military, the House and Congress.

Thanks to our Military men, women and their families for their many accomplishments in Iraq. Pray that the Iraqis are capable of continuing their quest for Democracy and that they can withstand the Iranian attacks on their Country.

May God Bless America and Our Military
As Always,
Little Tboca