Anyone Home at the White House

We work our fannies off giving money to the Government, expecting them to be good stewards only to find out they stole money from us for their sacred cows and Obama’s redistribution scheme. There’s definitely something wrong with this picture! It’s time that Obama pays us back our money; I hear he will have about a billion dollars next year!

Where’s the accountability in Congress, who is watching out for the taxpayers? When we reluctantly gave Obama 787 billion dollars in 2009, he assured us that his recovery plan was on track. He said, “We’ve done more than ever, faster than ever, more responsibly than ever, to get the gears of the economy moving again,” he said.

What a crock – what he really meant I’ve redistributed taxpayer’s money with lightening speed and my puppeteers are ecstatic, because I’m taking care of them like I promised meaning his bundlers, the green companies, the corrupt lending institutions, GM, Freddie, Fannie, AIG and the list just goes on and on…

Taxpayers in good faith gave the Government their money only to find that not one person in Congress including Obama was reliable, responsible or honest. Reluctantly we allowed them to raise the debt ceiling, which we all knew was a bunch of phony money being printed that would end up in higher fuel prices and inflation. In other words whenever the debt ceiling is raised; we’re the ones who are punished and the ones who suffer.

So the question once again is this – who is accountable in Washington? It certainly isn’t Obama or the Democrats. The Republicans continue playing the “shock and awe” game. Where were they when Obama doled out our stimulus money?

Why were Republicans shocked when Darrell Issa and Senator Grassley started their investigation into the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation? Were they all too busy playing politics to notice that Obama funded 10,000,000 for the gunrunner operation and Eric Holder bragged that he was going to expand the operation.

Why were they surprised that we lost 528 million on Solyndra? Why didn’t they tell us the Labor Department approved a trade adjustment package for the 1,000 ex Solyndra employees amounting to about $13,000 dollars per employee? Where were the Republicans during this Solyndra scandal and why weren’t taxpayers told about this scam before any of our money was spent?

Obama and Democrats are behind all of these “green company” scams, the “redistribution swindle,” the secret amnesty to illegal aliens, the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation and Obamacare. Yet, not one Democrat or Republican shared this information with Americans until after the fact. It’s crystal clear that those in the White House aren’t honest or qualified to represents us.

Another point that needs to be discussed is this – why can Obama, Holder and the Democrats blatantly ignore the subpoenas and requests made by the committees investigating these scandals? It’s been almost a year now that Darrell Issa and Senator Grassley have been investigating the Fast and Furious gunrunner scandal. Eric Holder, the DOJ, ATF have actually gotten away with murder and they seem to be above the laws of our land.

The Solyndra scheme is Obama’s – his administration jammed the Solyndra loan through even though they knew the company didn’t qualify for a Government loan. Obama and Biden are behind this scandal and Obama is refusing to cooperate with the investigation.

In fact, he wants to prolong all of these investigations, including but not limited to the Fast and Furious operation, Solyndra and other Green Company scandals until 2013. He is worried about his 2012 Presidential Campaign and knows he’ll lose many of the Liberals, the youth, the Hispanic and gay once these investigations are completed. He’s playing with fire and hopefully he’ll get burned before November 2012.

The left hand never knows what the right hand is doing in our White House – when are we going to demand total transparency? When are we going to insist that all spending be stopped until we have a balanced budget in place? It’s time Americans shed their Democratic or Republican skins and join together to take back their Country.

We can continue playing the Republican and Democratic “gotcha game” or we can stand up for our freedoms and rights in 2012 and take back our Government. Please send possible solutions to my email: [email protected] and I will publish them in my next article.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca