This is the second article on our fallen economy during Obama’s 3 year term. Obama has betrayed our trust and is aggressively continuing his agenda to destroy America. The words traitor or dictator fit this person to a “T,” due to his mode of operation.

In 2009, this smooth talking orator knew his position as Commander in Chief bought him a lot of time, because we were struggling with the recession and many had bought his promises of “hope and change.” So before we even had a chance to take a second breath, he’s smoozed us into giving him 787 billion dollars in what he referred to as a stimulus plan.

In all actuality, he stole our 787 billion dollars rigidly following the “Rules for Radicals.” Looking back now to 2008, we can understand his comments when he said, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

That was actually his signal to all of the puppeteers that had placed him in office that he was ready to start the process which was designed by Alinsky. “Take power from the Haves and give it to the Have Nots” – this is what we refer to as redistribution.

He hamstrung us right from the gecko aggressively attacking us by deftly increasing our National Deficit by trillions; this was intentional not due to his inability to balance a budget or his inability to lead our Nation. Just think about it – during this time the poor got poorer, the African Americans’ unemployment rate sky rocketed, millions of taxpayer’s lost their jobs and homes while Obama redistributed our money.

Month after month we’ve waited hoping for jobs, but that hasn’t happened. The Keystone Pipeline is a perfect example of the Obama dictatorship. The EPA studied this project for three years and Obama put the project on the back burner until 2013 rolls around.

Rather than bore everyone with repetitious information, the point of this article is this; we have a traitor and dictator in our midst actively destroying our beautiful America. This man is the disciplined puppet created by the Alinsky’s, Ayers, Soros, Unions and Special Interest groups and he’s performing with precision every directive that he’s been given.

The fourth year of his term will prove to be the most difficult year of our lives and he’s off and running the first week of 2012 as he continues his vicious destruction against our Nation. He’ll do anything it takes to secure the votes for his second term; he’s dangerous and definitely feels that he is above the laws of our land.

Without a second term, Obama’s plan will be a total failure; it will be costly but we will be able to survive the onslaught and recover.

His three recess appointees yesterday to the National Labor Relations Board are probably illegal, but he did this to appease the pro-union allies and the end result will be more support for his Presidential Campaign in 2012. Here’s an example of what Unions are doing in my State of Arizona.

Unions are struggling and are attacking the small construction companies in Arizona. Companies who have won bids for jobs are now being told that the Unions want to do away with residential and light commercial wages; the Unions want to adhere to the wage bracket that is used in big Commercial construction jobs meaning employee labor will skyrocket. Many of these smaller businesses will have to hire entirely all non-union labor which places them way behind due to the cost of hiring and orienting all new employees. Some will have to close their doors.

We have the AG (Eric Holder) who should have been removed from office at least a year ago ruthlessly attacking Joe Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sherriff’s office. Joe Arpaio said today on National Television that he’s willing to work with the DOJ and needs to know the specifics of their allegations. They refuse to offer him this information and pretty much said, “we’ll see you in court” – that is Obama’s way of pocketing Hispanic votes along with the memo to ICE to stop deportations.

He’s frantically spending money we don’t have creating a new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which is estimated to cost millions of taxpayer’s money. This is one more infringement on our rights and freedoms – we have plenty of rules, regulations and laws in place to protect consumers.

Obama will continue attacking our economy, stifling businesses, redistributing our money – everything he does will be an attempt to secure votes for the 2012 Presidential Election and strip of us of our rights and “God” given freedom. If we can prevent him from winning the election in 2012, keep control of the House and get control of the Senate we will be on our way in our fight to “Take Back Our Country.”

May God Bless Our Nation
As Always,
Little Tboca