What in the world are those Obama worshipping females thinking or are they thinking – where have they been the past four years? Do they really believe this man who landed from no man’s land in 2008, the person sent here from the Kenyan jungles came to save the female population in the USA?

In fact without fear of offending anyone, Obama is an abuser and user of women, all women. In 2008 Obama’s Presidential campaign demonized Hillary Clinton calling her a “monster, a b – – – -h and much more. 2008 was the dirtiest most corrupt Presidential campaign in our history until 2012 came along.

Bill Clinton knew Obama was ineligible to run for the office of President, but Obama’s war chest won out and he almost shoved Hillary over the cliff, but realized that he needed to shackle her and keep her under his supervision so he handed her the Secretary of State position. The Clinton/Obama relationship is a bad marriage, but neither party dares get a divorce.

Bill and Hillary need to keep pampering the Democratic base for 2016. Obama needs Bill Clinton to jumpstart his sputtering, faltering Presidential campaign. So what you see isn’t really what you get!

Go back to 2008, when Oprah Winfrey endorsed Obama – two economists from the University of Maryland gave the nod to Oprah saying her endorsement actually won the primary election by handing Obama over 1 million votes. So the user and abuser (Obama) took her endorsement, her money her allegiance and then gleefully dumped her. Oprah, America’s richest woman and favorite talk show host suffered an emotional and financial set – back. Obama didn’t like Oprah but needed her money and support!

Check out the problems women have in the White House with the exception of Valarie Jarrett who by the way is Obama’s personal puppeteer sent their by Soros, Unions and special interest groups to keep the puppet from straying. Women in the White House are pretty much confined to the cheap seats and on a different pay scale than their male counterparts. Obama reluctantly shows a tad bit of respect for what he calls the influential women like Napolitano and Eleana Kagan.

Women aren’t doing their homework – they’re too busy listening to the Liberal News Media, Twitter, Facebook and other social media. There have been millions of jobs lost since 2009 and the women took the hit losing close to 70% of the jobs lost. African American and single women’s unemployment rate has increased.

In 2012 Obama is playing the same ole “hope and change” tune for women – how many women can raise their hands and say they are better off now than in 2009? Women are still the ones losing most of the jobs, they’re paying more for consumer goods, gasoline and in the near future their healthcare premiums are about to go right through the roof.

So Obama is buying their vote because they’re getting free contraceptives, mammograms and abortions? Let’s be clear on this free stuff – these services aren’t free taxpayers are the ones dunned for the so called freebies.

Many women are jumping on Obama’s boat and wanting those making over 250,000 to pay more taxes – that’s like shooting themselves in the foot. Go ahead raise taxes on the wealthy and watch the unemployment rate accelerate and the price of consumer goods jump off the Richter scale – the taxpayers are the ones once again that will take the hit.

Isn’t it time that all women start worrying about the economy, jobs, our Military, the unsecured borders, our National security and our children’s future? Shame on those women who are hanging on to Obama’s shirt tail with their hand out wanting more and more handouts. Our Nation has run out of money, we can’t pay our bills and they’ve just joined the “Me, Me, Me” entitlement society.

Nothing is free – someone has to pay the piper. As I said earlier they’re shooting themselves in the foot and selling their souls to the “devil.”

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca (Grandmother of eight awesome angels)