There are some very serious red flags appearing on the horizon suggesting that all Americans may fall victim to another 4 years under a dictatorship. The Liberal News Media literally controlled by George Soros is determined to put Obama in for another term. The Communists, Marxists and extreme radicals control our Government at this time – Valarie Jarrett(she devil puppet) is the person in charge, not Obama.

Next, we have an entitlement society which by the way has increased dramatically under the Obama regime – they are the ones who are totally dependent upon the Government and have no intention of biting the hand that feeds them.

A large majority of women have fallen into the evil pit of Socialism and truly believe they’re better off than they were in 2009 even though their unemployment rate has skyrocketed. They are selling their independence and freedom for a pittance actually – selfishly their priorities are condoms, sex changes, free healthcare and abortion. These women are victims of a false ideology that will destroy their future and their children’s future.

Many African Americans and Hispanics truly believe that they’re the entitled ones and all taxpayers should support them and work in their behalf; they have transgressed so far from our Constitution that it is nothing but a cumbersome blur in their hearts and souls.

The Constitution is the roadmap given to us by our forefathers to protect all individual’s freedoms and rights. These people have given up their freedoms and rights for a bundle of false hope and changes. They have fallen for a false ideology that will destroy them.

Supposedly Obama has received a slight bounce from the DNC Convention and that in itself shows Americans that the political DNA in our social environment remains the nucleus of our Nation’s problems diminishing hopes for a thriving economy. The message on the airwaves now is that we all belong to the Government – we no longer have a Government of the people, by the people and for the people.

The DNC Convention should have been a wake – up call to taxpayers, retirees and youth. The DNC Convention’s platform was Government against the people, yet Obama was the one to receive the bounce from the Convention.
Slick Willie definitely wined and dined the undecided yet the obvious is this – few will believe that Obama’s leadership and policies resemble the Clinton Administration.

Those speaking were the far left Liberals espousing their sentiments for the entitlement society and their hatred for our Constitution and the God given freedoms and rights. No doubt Obama and Jarrett deliberately removed God and Israel from their platform as proven by the floor vote taken at the Convention.

Our Nation was set up starting with the housing bubble – this was man made and created to scare Americans, weaken the Nation and set the stage for the unknown person some call Barack Obama. For years the Communists, Marxists and extreme radicals planned for the demise of the greatest Nation in the World.

Over time the political norm was changed starting with the Supreme Court, the schools, the moral environment and at this time we are not one Nation Under God With Liberty and Justice for All.

May God Bless America
As Always,
Little Tboca