Mr. Chapman began his career working for legendary Texas political leader Bob Bullock. He spent eight years in the Texas Controller office. He is the President and founder of the American Small Business League. He is one of the very few people that fight for small businesses in America.


    Obama Plan To Kill Federal Small Business Programs Goes Unreported

    In a few weeks Congress and President Obama will agree on the federal government’s FY 2016 budget. I’m predicting buried deep inside that budget will be President Obama’s plan to permanently close the Small Business Administration and end all federal programs to assist small businesses by combining it with the Department of Commerce. Once the two agencies are combined, the staff and programs of the | Read More »

    Is Obama Going After Bloggers In His War On Whistleblowers And Transparency?

    In addition to the Obama Administration’s war on whistleblowers, their staggering lack of transparency seems to be escalating at an unprecedented pace. Last year 38 journalistic organizations sent President Obama a letter asking him to stop politically driven censorship of the media. Just a few days later 47 Inspector’s General sent letters to the House and Senate Government Reform Committees asking for their help in | Read More »

    Obama Administration Proposes Final Phase In Killing Small Business Programs

    In the last year the Obama Administration has implemented policies and legislation that will slowly dismantle all federal programs for small businesses. In his 2016 budget he announced his plan that will permanently close the Small Business Administration by combining it with the Department of Commerce. I predicted Obama would close the SBA by combining it with the Department of Commerce in 2008 after working | Read More »

    Obama’s Anti-Small Business “Safe Harbor From Fraud Policy” Goes Unreported

    This week the Obama Administration succeeded in avoiding any mainstream media coverage when they implemented one of the most vile anti-middle class and anti-small business policies in history. The “safe harbor from fraud penalties” policy went into effect after the Small Business Administration issued their Final Rule on its implementation on Feb. 11. After I had released a barrage of press releases and blogs sounding | Read More »

    Obama 2016 Budget Will Close The Small Business Administration

    Let me start off by saying, I TOLD YOU SO. It looks like my Jan. 29 blog was correct.   I first predicted Obama would close the SBA under the pretense of combining it with the Department of Commerce in Nov. of 2008. Since then I have continued to sound the alarm on Obama’s scam to permanently close the SBA on radio, TV and in dozens | Read More »

    Will Obama’s Middle Class Economic Plan Include Closing the SBA?

    In his State Of The Union Address President Obama gave a great deal of lip service to “middle class economics.” He said we need to find “more ways to help families get ahead” and make sure “everyone gets a fair shot.” I think Obama’s talk of middle class economics is just that, all talk. I predict he is going to continue to turn his back | Read More »

    Obama, Solicitor General, Pentagon And Sikorsky Vs. Lloyd Chapman

    Why are the Obama Administration, the Office of Solicitor General, the Department of Defense and Sikorsky Aviation Corporation all joining forces to defeat Lloyd Chapman and his American Small Business League? I won a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) case against the Pentagon for the release of the most recent report submitted by Sikorsky under the Pentagon’s Comprehensive Subcontracting Plan Test Program. Federal District court | Read More »

    Obama’s Trying To Kill The SBA, Who’s Trying To Stop Him

    I worked on President Obama’s first campaign. I met wit him and talked with him about my concerns about federal small business programs. He invited me to join his Small Business Advisory Council. Our job was to come up with a list of recommendations to bolster federal programs to assist small businesses. He even released the statement, “It is time to end the diversion of | Read More »

    New Obama Policies Will Destroy IT Computer Value Added Resellers

    President Obama seems determined to destroy every single federal program to help small businesses before he leaves office. Over the last few months the Obama Administration has adopted a smorgasbord of anti-small business polices. I exposed and halted his plan to close the Small Business Administration by combining it with the Department of Commerce. An article in Forbes stated, “I agree with Lloyd Chapman, head | Read More »

    There Was More Freedom Of The Press Under Bush Administration

    During the Bush Administration I was critical of some of President Bush’s small business policies. He adopted some policies that I considered to be unfavorable to small business. But, I could get on national television and complain about it. President Obama has adopted policies that are much, much more harmful to small businesses than anything that ever happened under the Bush Administration, but you won’t | Read More »