I believe that Bobby Jindal should be and will be Mitt Romney’s choice for VP. Jindal brings the following positives:

  • Two-Term Governor of Louisiana with a high approval rating.
  • Has faced crises in Hurricane Gustav (extensive evacuations) and the BP Oil Spill, and was widely seen as handling them competently.
  • Puts New Jersey in play (in 2004, John Kerry only won by 241K votes), because it has a high Indian population that typically votes Democrat.
  • Has experience in all levels of government, including both legislative and executive branch positions. He has been both a leader and a team member.
  • He has expertise in Healthcare management, and can be instrumental in taking apart Obamacare.
  • Solidly conservative on Abortion, Guns, Illegal Immigration, among other issues.
  • He has experience dealing with Obama, i.e. he knows where Obama’s weaknesses lie first hand.
  • His education credentials are impressive (graduated from college at age 20 with honors and a double-major, Rhodes Scholar), and he doesn’t just have “book smarts”, he also is intelligent on a practical level.
  • Balances the ticket with respect to Geography (Northeast and South).
  • Has worked in the private sector (McKinsey) as a management consultant.

Of course, he has a couple of negatives:

  • He did a horrible job in the Republican response to the State of the Union Address in 2009.
  • His Southern accent can be a little thick, and he sometimes talks like he has marbles in his mouth.
  • He’s only 41.

I think that Jindal has worked on his speaking, and he may be only 41, but, he has been ahead of the game since early in his life.

We’ll find out soon, but I think Jindal would be a very smart pick.