Our wonderful country is quickly becoming unrecognizable under the Obama Administration. We seem bent on abandoning Free Market Capitalism, a system responsible for producing the highest standard of living worldwide. Government power, formerly limited in our Constitution and Bill of Rights by our founding fathers, is becoming omnipotent and uncontrollable. Our banks, insurance companies and automobile manufacturers have been essentially nationalized and equity interest in car companies divided between government and a major campaign supporter, the United Automobile Workers Union. Auto manufacturers will be required to build expensive, dangerous, small cars that experts agree will increase driver mortality rates nationwide.

The Obama Administration hopes to fashion our nation’s Health Care System after one utilized by European Socialists. It would place greater authority in government bureaucrats than medical professionals and incorporate “hopeless diagnosis” as a justifiable option for withholding treatments for age-related diseases. This would translate into health care rationing, especially, for the elderly.

In what many call the greatest tax proposal ever, Cap-and-Trade legislation will increase government power and control over every facet of energy production and usage. Some have predicted energy costs to increase by 75% and American produced goods to increase in cost due to carbon taxes levied on manufacturers. Under Cap-and-Trade, the government will require all power companies to install Smart Grid Technology in every home and business to monitor and control how warm or cool we maintain them and punish violators with fines.

Are these really the changes desired by 52% of voters in the last presidential election? One wonders whether seniors who hoped that they could leave their children and grandchildren the same wonderful America their parents and grandparents left for them are now having second thoughts. It’s not a question of political parties, liberalism or conservatism. It’s whether we can ever restore traditional Americanism again.