The Obama Administration’s “Stiff the seniors” campaign is in full swing. After carefully analyzing polling data, the makeup of Tea Tax Party rallies and ages of most attendees at Town Hall meetings, the evidence was clear. Seniors predominate and pose the greatest threat to approving their Socialist agenda and desire to redistribute America’s wealth. Seniors proffer the most significant opposition to both uncontrollable spending and trillion dollar deficits.

Eliminating senior influence is critical to retaining control of the White House and Congress. What better way to accomplish this than follow the recommendations of former Sen. Tom Daschle? He counseled that health care reform, “should not be pain free and seniors should become more accepting of conditions that come with age rather than treating them”. This follows in line with the hope that Americans will follow Europeans who accept” hopeless diagnosis” as a justifiable option for withholding treatments for age-related maladies.

It is not coincidental that proposals contained in the recently passed Health Reform Bill abet this desire. For example, a reduction of $500 billion for Medicare recipients, slashing $40 billion for Nursing Homes and Assisted Living facilities, a tax on branded drugs and most recently, a proposed multi-million dollar tax on both domestic and foreign medical device manufacturers. All of these are critical to the health and welfare of senior citizens more than any other age group.

This means the elderly will bear the brunt of policies designed to “Stiff the Seniors” and suggests that under “Hope and Change” they will be expendable.