Seniors are impacted the most under the Obama Administration and Democrat Congress. They wonder whether their offspring and future generations will enjoy the same wonderful America their parents and grandparents willed to them. They fear that this nation, like some European countries, could default because of the government’s insatiable appetite for deficit spending.

They see their Social Security benefits taxed, cost-of living increases withheld and their homes and life’s savings plummeting in value. For those who depend on investment income, living standards are substantially depressed. They fear future rationing of Medicare services under recently enacted legislation.

Their children are facing a jobless economy and agonizing home foreclosures. Viability of future Social Security is questionable. Their grandchildren face insurmountable debt because of trillion dollar deficits. They’ve witnessed Capitalism replaced by creeping Socialism and government interference and ownership of private businesses. They read about porous borders contributing to drug trade and potential terrorism.

Seniors worry that the President and Congress support Cap and Trade and Value Added Taxes plus taxes on medical devices. They face new energy taxes of up to $1,700 per family based on carbon usage. Democrats approved H.R 2454 requiring that homes comply with energy and water efficiency standards before resale. The Congressional Budget Office estimates this cost at $6,800. The new Health Law poses new taxes on the value of health benefits and 3.8 percent on home sales.

Hopefully, just hopefully, they will remember who’s responsible on Election Day.