Our Presidential election should include intelligent, meaningful discussions of why America faces economic disaster and possible financial insolvency. We should be hearing recommendations on how to restore this nation’s greatness. Instead, we can expect a billion dollar campaign featuring character assassination, the blame game, scare tactics and class warfare. Augmenting this will be a pro-Obama press and communications media guaranteed to ignore his questionable accomplishments and lack of leadership.

His eventual opponent will be ridiculed with terms like radical, extremist, domestic terrorist and flip-flopper, all charges tried and tested by Obama’s Chicago campaign headquarters during the primary and echoed by a sympathetic mainstream media.

The fact that Obama must defend a record of broken promises, failures and lack of leadership suggests a unique campaign ahead. Overlooked will be discussion of the economy, out of control Federal spending, huge deficits, lingering record unemployment and concerns of the middle class. In its place, his “dependency” strategy will target seniors, minorities, those dependant on government and an estimated 47% of Americans who pay no Federal Income Taxes.

Obama’s opponent will be depicted as favoring the wealthy, having no heart, forsaking the elderly and those who enjoy government assistance for housing, food, clothing and medical needs. Obama and Democrats will be portrayed as caring protectors of their interests. Whether this will be considered scare tactics or class warfare ignores the fact it is deceitful and dishonest. Hopefully, Americas will reject this example of “Hope and Change”.