How will President Obama defend America’s failure under his leadership? Can he express pride over record unemployment and home foreclosures? Do citizens approve multi-trillion dollar deficits, a failed energy policy, government takeover of our health industry and job-killing rules and regulations? How can he possibly praise loss of international respect and prestige plus a derisive attitude towards Israel?

Defending such a dismal record is impossible, therefore, he will ignore intelligent discussion of America’s problems and possible solutions. Instead, his Chicago-based headquarters will utilize three major strategies against his opponent, destruction, disruption and deception, all designed to limit criticism of Obama by keeping his adversary on the defensive.

Destruction will include a relentless effort in character assassination. His opponent will be depicted as extreme, radical, pro-rich, anti-poor, a Tea Party terrorist, heartless and tool of Wall Street. A pro-Obama, sympathetic press and media will eagerly echo similar charges and insinuations.

Disruption was tested during Republican primaries and will continue. Pro-Obama professional hecklers, pickets or Occupy Wall Street demonstrators will be dispatched to rallies and meetings to deny his opponent free speech, create disorder and insure press coverage concentrates on their vocal opposition and dissent rather than criticism of Obama.

Finally, deception will involve repeating the 2008 policy of fraudulent voter enrollment by Acorn and pro-Obama groups intent on maximizing support by those ineligible to vote. Hopefully, Americans will ignore these strategies and take back our beautiful country for their children and grandchildren.