Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis) is absolutely correct. If Medicare and Medicaid are not revamped for those presently age 55 and under, both plans face future bankruptcy. His proposal recommends no mandatory changes for those 55 or older and keeps their safety net intact in spite of a concerted Democrat campaign of distortion, misinformation and smear.

The Ryan Plan is in stark contrast to onerous rules and regulations complicit in Barack Obama’s ”Affordable Care Act” or ObamaCare. The President’s plan proposes cutting $560 billion from Medicare and $40 billion from Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facility subsidies.

Even more threatening under ObamaCare is seniors nearing age 70 or older will see life-saving medical procedures previously automatically approved under Medicare will have to be pre-approved by an Ethics Panel. This group will consist of political appointees who may or may not have medical knowledge. Their primary duty will be to reduce rather than spend money on health care.

Most life threatening emergencies occur outside medical offices and hospital premises and require immediate attention. If the victim is a senior, pre-approval of medical procedures must first be obtained from the Obama Care Ethics Panel. In many cases, waiting for that decision could prove fatal, especially, if it involves the heart, bypass surgery, kidney procedures or treating an aneurism.

America’s world class medical system and long -standing respect for the elderly will succumb to Barack Obama and ObamaCare’s cost of care limitations based on age rather than medical need.