How morbid that killing babies and same sex relationships will be the principle advocacies of the Democratic National Convention. Preferring death over life and opposing the traditional Judeo-Christian definition of marriage are more important than  millions of men and women suffering because they can’t find jobs to support their families. Democrats believe these issues more critical than thousands of families who lost homes to foreclosure or have seen life’s savings and retirement investments decimated by Barack Obama’s failed economic policies.

Democrats are convinced that supporting both abortion on demand and late term abortion or infanticide and same sex marriage should be the centerpieces of Obama’s re-election campaign. The simple fact is Barack Obama can’t defend his economic record including budget-busting spending, trillion dollar deficits or his claim that Republicans are waging a “War on Women“.

It is incomprehensible that the Party of Bill Clinton and both John and Ted Kennedy should be discussing treatment of women. How quickly Democrats forget names like Monica Lewinsky and Mary Jo Kopechne. In fact, it is the height of chutzpah that someone like Clinton, who disrespected and abused multiple women, should be chosen as their Party’s Keynote Speaker. Barack Obama also forgets that as a State Senator he refused to support legislation that would have banned selective abortion based on gender and companion bills to prevent killing of newborns that survived scheduled abortions.

Destroying America’s family values and the wonderful tradition of motherhood is the real war and Obama Democrats are the perpetrators.