The question isn’t whether we are better off but, should Americans ignore broken promises and ineffective leadership? With 23 million unemployed and 43 months of 8% unemployment, Obama has failed.

A misdirected energy policy, gasoline prices double, gas and electric rates higher, record home foreclosures and thousands in appreciated home value lost during his Presidency, is deplorable.

Food prices are up 15% and America’s middle class is falling behind. Every family owes $135,000 on the national debt. Interest rates are below 1% and stock market volatility due to economic failure is impacting all, especially, seniors. Those dependent on income generated by savings and investments are hurting and in 2013,  21 new ObamaCare taxes will appear.

Why did Obama support “Occupy Wall Street”? They hate America, despise our system and employ mobs of marauding anarchists and revolutionaries toting anti-Semitic signs while destroying public and private property and attacking police.

President Obama favors taxpayer-funded abortion on demand and same sex marriage. Both disrespect centuries of religious and moral teachings. Omitting God and Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, from the Democrat’s Platform, was not accidental. Boos, jeers and a questionable vote to restore both should be remembered by all.

Maintaining porous borders and promising amnesty to foreign invaders compromises our nation’s sovereignty, security and displaces American workers. Finally, how embarrassing that our President traveled world-wide apologizing for our greatness and ignoring enormous sacrifices made for other nations? We don’t need more speeches. we need a new President.