Gov. Bobby Jindal is a depth guy. There is more to his personal philosophy than simply opposing the other side. In other words, he likes to articulate and put forth his vision for solutions and positive change. He has taken a state that many pundits watch for entertainment and amusement, and has practically revolutionized the tax structure, government transparency, economic development, healthcare and education. He’s gotten more done for the citizens of Louisiana and security of the state itself in one year than has been seen in decades. Did I mention he showed a true model of efficiency by successfully fighting off a hurricane?

That is a record of accomplishments and the traits needed in a person that make people sit up and listen. As he says, the GOP has to be more than the “NO” party. The Republicans have to be the party of big ideas and solutions to problems, not just a spirited opposition group. Demand better accountability within its own ranks and address the 21st century economic problems without involving too much government by empowering the American spirit and restoring confidence in the markets.

“We don’t need to abandon our conservative principles; we can’t just be the ‘party of no.’ We need to offer real solutions on making health care more affordable, on the economic challenges facing families, on the international threats.” He is one of the few conservatives who recognize the healthcare issue, but not only that, he actually has a clear vision and solution to the problem that involves the individual and the markets — not taxes, government, and more agencies.He is a refreshing voice for the Republican Party especially when there are those who are suggesting the GOP rethink it’s philosophy and abandon the USS Traditional Conservative. His response is that Conservatism is the essence of freedom. It values individuality and personal liberty by empowering the human spirit and entrepreneurship. It is the staple in the belief that the individual knows best and is better capable of deciding what benefits his or her lives. When arbitrary ceilings are put into place along with the false comforts of security, growth is stifled. When the lifeline of prosperity is chocked out, the more people rely on government for support.

However, the Republican party must clean up its own ranks and return to being stalwarts of good goverment before it can be credible as a party and these basic tenents taken seriously again. The GOP has allowed power and patronage to trump good policy and principle. The result has been a lot of empty rhetoric and empty ideas. What better proof then the recent campaign which was reminiscent of a dog laying chase to his own tail. Governor Jindal doesn’t seem to have an issue in addressing these matters personally and pointedly.

We’ve got to stop defending the kinds of corruption we would rightfully criticize in the other party. The week before the election, our most senior senator is convicted on federal charges – and that’s only the latest example.

When someone comes along with credibility and a bold new conservative vision, plus, the ability to articulate that vision, and above all, is authentic, people listen and begin to believe in themselves and the American system. Give a person the choice between higher taxes and more government and lower taxes and economic freedom, he’ll choose the latter everytime. The trick is, of course, having the ability to make the case that the real power lies within us. The people and the markets decide and address the shortages, not the government and certainly not its mandates. However, a leader is needed that actually believes in this philosophy, and as a solution to modern problems.

You know, when voters tell us that they trust Democrats more to cut their taxes [and] control spending, that tells you something is wrong with the Republican Party. We’ve got to match our actions with our rhetoric.

What we have been lacking is the type of leader who can take the conservative philosophy and apply it government policy. Expound on the freedom and power of the market by sparking the fire of ingenuity and confidence in the American system and the American people that has provided a way of life unequaled in any part of the world. American exceptionalism? You bet. Because the message is real with a deep history and a long list of accomplishments to prove it. The people will believe in that idea long before they choose the notion that says all hope is lost, doom and gloom is all that awaits us in our future. That we must believe in one man and turn away from our better instincts and run to the government that promises security and cradle-to-grave care in which they can supply neither. Of course, the people will need a real choice in the matter. A believable, tangible, contrast on display. They will need a visionary, an authentic message and confirmation that the American idea isn’t dead.

Governor Jindal is someone who is finally making a case for the Republican Party, and soon America: Conservatism isn’t dead. Conservatives just took a holiday.

Jindal on Face the Nation