Welcome to Celebrity President. In light of the recent events coming out of Chicago, one would assume that there are better questions out there. However, it is what it is; the Liberal Left have said they need a president to succeed and it looks like they were not joking.

Barack Obama unwittingly caused a kerfuffle the other day when a reporter spotted him working out with a Microsoft Zune — rather than his trusty iPod.

When word got out, Apple geeks went crazy, and the media — from Wired to the Wall Street Journal — flooded the zone. Suddenly, the phone lines at the Obama transition office were ringing with questions from reporters who passed up other pressing curiosities — who will be the education secretary? — to unpack Obama’s choice of MP3 players.

Welcome to the world of the celebrity president.

Reporters have been bombarding the president-elect’s transition office and those close to Obama with the most detail-obsessed questions about his every move.

Among the inquiries received in recent weeks:

Does Obama prefer Macs or PCs? Who designed that tie he’s wearing? Where does he buy his suits? What’s his morning exercise routine like? How about his basketball techniques? What movie has he seen recently? Who cuts his hair? Will he sell his house in Chicago?

What did he have for Thanksgiving dinner? What’s his favorite food?

And by the way, why hasn’t he been going to church on Sundays? And if he does start going regularly, where does he plan to attend church once he moves to Washington?

Earlier in the year, Us Weekly echoed that 1992 MTV moment when Bill Clinton was asked if he wore boxers or briefs. Obama’s reply: “I don’t answer those humiliating questions. But whichever one it is, I look good in ’em.”