Look, kid, I’m not here for the details. My only motivation in this is to get that dirty little critter swimming in your stomach to the nearest biohazard bag.

The “public service” group, Planned Parenthood, has recently gotten themselves into another batch of hot water. An Indiana “counselor” –I guess that is better than murder– was unknowingly video taped discussing abortion procedures with what she thought was a 13-years old girl. The 13-year old was really a 20-year-old UCLA student named Lila Rose. She told the “counselor” that she had been impregnated by a 31 year old man — an act that breaks statutory rape laws and is a felony in every state.

Two videos shot at the organization’s clinics by an anti-abortion group appear to show workers unconcerned about state law requiring anyone learning of sexual acts between an adult and a child under 14 to report them to police or child welfare authorities. A nursing aide seen in the other video was previously fired.

The “counselor” was shown in the video recording unconcerned about the details surrounding the pregnancy. “I don’t care how old he is,” the “counselor” says in the video.

Rose said Friday the group was sending both unedited videos from Indiana to authorities, even though they had not yet been contacted. She also has said her group intends to post the unedited video online.

“Self-regulation has not worked for Planned Parenthood as they have routinely evaded the very Indiana laws that protect children from sexual abuse,” Rose said in a prepared statement. She said Indiana authorities should investigate and hold Planned Parenthood accountable for its “criminal activity.”

The “counselor” later resigned and then was fired. But, the story doesn’t end there. This isn’t the case of one wayward and over zealous employ. People need to realize that these clinics are in the business of death. They blotch out and eliminate life. So what standards do we exactly expect of them to uphold?

They have shown in other states, too, that the law is not something that can prevent them from manipulating scared mothers and murdering babies providing health services.

In Kasas

The Kansas Supreme Court on Friday asked for copies of abortion records that prosecutor Phill Kline obtained to prosecute a case of illegal abortions against an Overland Park Planned Parenthood to go to the state attorney general, who already has them.

Kline filed 107 charges against the abortion business for allegedly violating state law.

The charges accuse Planned Parenthood of doing illegal late-term abortions and then falsifying medical documents to cover up their actions.

Planned Parenthood hoped to get abortion files back that two judges have determined show “probable cause” that the abortion business violated state abortion laws and falsified medical records.

And our new leader who thanks and commends all the work of Planned Parenthood in helping women, families and MEN!, all across this country. Because let’s face it; babies can be a real inconvenience. They disrupt plans, they require lots of attention and time and who has that when you are just more interested in the fews moments that it takes to create them.

The first 35 seconds is all you will need to watch.

Obama planning billion-dollar ‘bailout’ for abortion industry. A pro-life group in Washington has launched a campaign to oppose what it calls president-elect Barack Obama’s planned $1.5 billion “bailout” of the abortion industry.

Planned Parenthood Abortion Funding Requests in Obama Memo Top $4.6 Billion. Planned Parenthood and dozens of other abortion advocacy groups presented their wish list to incoming President Barack Obama in a secret memo last week that wound up published on the transition team web site. In the memo the nation’s largest abortion business requested $4.6 billion in taxpayer funding for abortion and other efforts.