“We heard for eight years what a dolt George W. Bush was because he was an intellectual slob, he was not curious about things.  We also heard how courageous and brave whistleblowers like Colleen Rawley was because she stood up and spoke the truth, as she saw it.  Dissenters like Cindy Shehaan and Code Pink were only doing their patriotic duty.  We were fed a steady diet of what it means to be a good and true American, as long as we were attacking Republicans. 
Suddenly, when it comes to our democratic process, Democrats are curiously, well not curious.
We watched a corrupt, polluted political process such as we’ve never witnessed in Minnesota.  We saw thousands of undercounts, overcounting in some districts and blatant attempts at partisan wrangling.  Since then, Minnesota Majority has uncovered felons voting, dead people voting, residences listed at vacant lots and overpasses, and a myriad of other problems.  What does Nick Coleman think?  It’s all just partisan hyperbola.  What does the person in charge of the elections in Minnesota think?  Mark Ritchie, Secretary of State, doesn’t consider it a problem.  Nothing to see here, just move along, he says.  Coleman wants evidence, but doesn’t want inquiries into the situation.  The entire DFL establishment seems so very unengaged in making sure our democratic process is fair and a true measure of the people’s voice.  It is abundantly clear that intellectual curiousity is only for those out of power, not those in power.  It also seems that intellectual dishonesty is the state of the left.”  Comment posted at the StarTribune website following Nick Coleman’s commentary entitled, “Felons Flipped an Election? Unbelievable”

Nothing coming from the Democratic Farmer-Labor Party in Minnesota is even remotely connected to the events on the ground.  The StarTribune is working furiously to paper over the blatant problems with the 2008 election that gave carpetbagger Al Franken his seat in the Senate representing New York via Minnesota.  Mark Ritchie, our Secretary of Fraud, has done all he can to hide his ACORN past and his voter registration problems.  We are seeing a system working to make elections as undemocratic as possible.  Minnesota Majority has uncovered many serious problems but our DFL county attorneys are trying to slip them under the rug.  The rug has so many bumps in it, it’s beginning to look like a gopher-infested pasture with thousands of piles of dirt and cowpies evident everywhere. 

Do not let this happen in your states and localities.  The Democratic Party is hellbent on hiding their voter fraudulent practices and their allies are doing the dirty work.  In order to have a real measure of the people’s intentions, there must be a clear and transparent election.  We, unfortunately, do not have that at this time.  We are watching with eyes wide open a system that purposely corrupts the process to tip the scales toward the left.  Watch the races that aren’t that sexy.  Watch and select secretaries of state and election officials and county attorneys that are willing to clean up the process.  Because, if you let the left take those positions, you may never get out of the pasture.