The Journolist controversy sparked by The Daily Caller’s publication of ‘private’ emails of the members had quite a splash in the new media.  However, in the lame-brained media outlets there has been a suspicious silence regarding the political machinations of a group of so-called journalists.  Why all the furor in the new media but barely a whimper from the Big Three, NBC, CBS, and ABC?  This silence probably has more to do with the philosophy and personal egotism of the principles than it does with any idea of ‘protecting the profession’

When you do a search in any of the Big Three broadcast outlets, there is scant evidence a Journolist conspiracy ever occurred. has five hits, two of which are commentaries by Sarah Palin and one a defense of the listserv by one of the members.  None of the stories are by CBS News reporters.  [chirp, chirp] has two, that’s right, two stories and one is a half-hearted attempt by George Stephanopolous dismissing the idea that these Journolisters were relevent in any way.  Finally, NBC could only find about twenty articles that mention the Journolist controversy and all of them were generated from the whack-a-doodles at MSNBC cable hosts.  They, of course, both defend and dismiss the reporters involved as much ado about nothing.

The only person losing sleep over this is Chuck Todd.  He has said he’s having trouble getting any shut-eye, probably because though his name has not been reported and he was part of this group of collectivist operatives. 

So why is this explosive revelation so unreported by the lame-brained media?  The conventional wisdom would be they are protecting their own.  The poodle press is afraid if they actually report the news it will drive their cratering influence down even more.  They’ve circled the wagons and are hellbent on keeping the idea of objective journalism alive.

I think that conventional wisdom is just not correct.  There are no more than seventeen shut-ins and a handful of toddlers who believe the press is not in bed with the Democratic Party.  It’s such an open secret that Obama himself quipped at the correspondence dinner that he knew lots of them were his supporters but he KNOWS they all voted for him.  It’s not a conspiracy if it is common knowledge. 

So, why would the Big Three ignore this revelation so entirely?  I don’t think it’s because of any altruistic reason like protecting the profession or protecting the operatives or a belief that its not news.  No, the reason that Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, and Brian Williams are pretending this never happened is because they are furious.  They were not included. 

You see, there are only two kinds of MSM reporters, Journolisters and Journolister wanna-be’s.  To understand this, you must think about the nature of liberal journalism and the people involved. 

To get inside their heads, you simply have to think about the professional ambitions of these people and the shear desparation they encounter daily.  The Big Three have stepped on, walked over, and back-stabbed thousands of people on their way to the pinnacle of power in media.  They want to be the legendary Edward R. Murrows and Walter Cronkites of the American media.  They have worked closely with the left wing of the Democratic Party to get access and push the agenda of the progessive American movement.  But, instead of controlling the public narrative, they’ve watched helplessly as their ratings drop and their credibility crumbles.  They hoped to steer the presidency like Murrow did in World War II and stop wars like Cronkite did in Vietnam.  What is their power?  Brian Williams gets to eat burgers with the most media-saturated president in history.  Diane Sawyer gets to interview a president that has been on the cover of every magazine before she even speaks with him.  Katie Couric gets to interview Obama on his Super Bowl picks.  Not exactly a great track record considering their ambitions. 

These people constantly talk about their profession as being the most noble, sacrificial, important, and trusted one in a free United States.  Yet, Pew Research finds their profession is perceived increasingly as partisan and factually inaccurate.  Fewer and fewer people actually believe Diane Sawyer or Brian Williams are telling them the truth.  Not exactly the pinnacle of power of which they dreamed.  Their influence wans and fades and their voices become weaker and less impactful.

Enter the Journolisters.  These jackanapes had the unmitigated gall to collectively virtually gather and influence politics and the political narrative.  By all accounts, many of their brainstorming sessions came to fruition.  Certainly the nature and process of attacking Sarah Palin was adopted by these Journolisters.  How and what to attack other conservatives also seems to have gained traction.  Did these ingrates call up Katie Couric and ask her advice?  No, these young Turks took the bull by the horns and bypassed the venerable Big Three.  In fact, they tended to drive the narrative and the Big Three simply followed along like compliant little puppies. 

So, they are pissed off.  They are not going to give this little poseurs who did an end run around the respectable media any credit whatsoever.  They will not advertise that this little gang of children are driving the collectivist narrative machine while they are mostly ignored.  Sawyer, and her ilk, have worked too hard for too long to let a bunch of disrespectful geeks get all the limelight while she is stuck interviewing Susan Boyle, for heaven’s sake.  Williams interviews people with Dawn Dishwashing Liquid as they bathe birds, and these upstarts are pushing policy initiatives.  Couric has dispatched her minions to find her some white supremicists (which they are having trouble finding) and these people are moving the liberal agenda forward.

It’s infuriating.

It used to be, before that stupid Ronald Reagan removed the fairness doctrine, that a broadcast network anchor could command the president to listen.  They can’t even get on a listserv of leftwing kooks.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen.