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I think an important distinction has been left out too many times concerning the Fairtax, a flat tax or tax reform in general. Anywhere you travel around the new-media the debate and number crunching is mind boggling. For the most part, those who have studied the issue in earnest have made up their mind. From a political standpoint many have overlooked a glaring point that should be trumpeted at every opportunity.

Example: Do the clickity-click over to Fairtax.org and check out the HR 25 co-sponsor page. —66 brave souls… (Probably more to be added in the 112th). The fact that these reps have co-sponsored a bill to reform our broken tax code is irrelevant. What I find the most revealing about this group of politicians is by signing on to this bill they have effectively said (in writing) that our current 70,000 page disaster CANNOT BE REPAIRED. That ladies and gents (to quote Joe bite me)…is a big F%$&ing Deal.

It doesn’t matter where you stand on the political fence or what your opinions are on tax reform… What is on display for all to see is a slowly growing coalition of elected reps that realize there is a Big Government policy that they can’t fix, that gets worse every year… and that REPLACEMENT is the only answer. Can anyone out there in the blogosphere name another Big Gov Boondoggle that has 66 reps signed on for an outright replacement? (Obama Care doesn’t count as that demon is in the SCOTUS crosshairs, respectively.)

My point being is maybe we should give pause and even a little respect to those that have crossed over into the land of reality before we shoot them down with our Epic analysis? Sometimes even in politics, it’s the thought that counts. 😉

— luvntheBIGsites.