Mitt Romney is absolutely correct when he said that there are those who do not “take personal responsibility and care for their lives”.

I don’t blame him for saying that, and adding that he did not expect nor would he attempt to win their votes –  a waste of time and money.

My wife and I both came from what could politely called the bottom of the economic ladder (welfare, ADC, SSI, green cards for medical visits — the whole nine yards). We compared notes when we were dating and also discussed what it would take for us to escape from that world of depending on others for our well-being.

The path was difficult and not without setbacks. A failed business that led to bankruptcy and loss of our home. A child born 3 months premature, requiring an extended (3 month) stay in the NICU (for Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC)  which required surgery when she was 8 days old… (and happy to say she turned 18 last Thursday!)).

We made it through all of that without asking for a handout – only a hand up. So as the saying goes, “Been there – done that”.

We both are at a loss to explain why some individuals don’t “get it’. We’ve discussed this several times over the past 30 years but it still leaves us dumbfounded.

We see people around us all the time who have used the government (and yes, that is the correct term) when they need something like medical care or assistance in paying rent or food bills. Many times it’s because they just had to get that new tattoo for only $150 while the rent or light bill was due next week or some other lame reason to not take personal responsibility for their own lives.

Plain, sheer stupidity.

Even more incredible is that these same individuals will post the whole episode on a social networking site –  happy smiles and high fives all around for that new tat, but weeping and crying when the rents due three days later!

Some will never get it. I for one think that those who have their hand out need to be taught that what they are wanting comes not from the state but from those who work long hard hours to earn their way through life. Do the same and I might be a little more gracious.

If that’s a problem for those who are in the ‘47%’, well tough.

Not that I don’t care. But first they must care before I will.

And Mr. Romney can count on many of the ‘53%’ to back him completely on this one!