Obama’s Socialist plan is literally one of the scariest economic proposals ever in America’s recent history. His plan limits your success and economic growth potential in every sense of the word. This is Socialism working at its best. Remember people, this is related to an idea that we fought wars to prevent from spreading to our great country and now its creeped into our own front yard through the Democratic Party and their leader Barack Hussein Obama. Here is a simple break down. If you make $250,000 or more he will tax so much your business will be unable to excel to new heights. It will literally remain stable at best. You will not be able to expand your business so so much for hiring new people and creating employeement opportunities. Any economic mobility has been diminished. On top of it all, you can expect many small business owners who make 250,000 or slightly more to file income tax returns saying they only made 249,999. Its so simple to go around and really impossible to stop. Once Hussein Obama sees that there is not enough money coming in from that he will go after those who make between 150,000 and 249,000 and the pattern will trickle down to even lower figures until he gets the revenue he so desires. But there is more hidden agenda here! For those so called “big businesses” that make 250,000 or even 1,000,000 the tax that they will have to pay will clearly affect those smaller businesses they do business with. So if you own a small diner, pizzaria, deli, landscaping co, etc.. you are now going to pay more for the supplies you require from the bigger businesses you associate with. Obama’s tax therefore indirectly hits everyone. I am sure we can all remember going to a pizzeria or deli and seeing a sign reading “Due to the rising cost of food/supplies we are forced to raise prices to continue serving you better.” You can expect to see lots of those under Obama’s plan. Ohh but wait, there is still more! Lets go into Obama’s healthcare proposal and its impact on small business. He stated that if you had 10 or more employees (I may be off on the exact number but that’s not important) you will need to provide them health insurance. How on earth will you get that money to provide your employees that much healthcare if your paying his heavy taxes. No such rebate, discount, and tax cut will make the difference of what your going to pay for their healthcare. The reality is, if Obama says that you need to provide your employees with Health Insurance if you have 10 or more, then I am sure most small business owners will have 9 employees, again we see limited employeement opportunities and you can expect more hiring of illegals to be going on.

Regarding his individual tax cuts for 95% of Americans. This again makes no sense. 40% of Americans don’t pay any taxes and now their getting a tax break (better known as welfare). And I wonder where the money to pay for the 40% non tax payers is coming from? chances are from everone that pays taxes. You can expect the rich to use every loop hole to hide their true earnings as well. The other 55% of Americans may get some tax relief but that will easily be overshadowed by the higher prices of all goods and services you pay. In the end your actually paying more. Alot more!

This man is blind from relaity. If he is elected, he will set America back for decades economically. We need to put an all out effort to stop ideology from succeeding. I hope were all doing our part! here in RedState!