As a mom of young adult children, I was almost ticked off by the April 20th Fox Report‘s picture of a school lunch branded, “SECURITY THREAT.” Retired admirals and generals just released an alarming report: 27% of young adults are not mission ready to defend our nation,that’s one in four of our grown children. Retired military leaders are on the attack against unhealthy school lunches. They urge Congress to legislate changes and educational initiatives.

The visual charts exposed the ill health of American young adults, fact over bulging fact:

  • 1996 -1998  One state alone recorded over 40 % of 18-24 year olds obese.
  • 2006-2008,  Thirty-nine states recorded 40% or more 18-24 year olds were obese.
  • 1995-2008 140,000 young adult recruits were deemed too heavy for the military.

Granted a few states did not have sufficient data to be rated, but still do citizens want our Congress to heed, for the sake of “National Security,” this military request?

Historically U.S. military leaders have always been concerned about healthy recruits.

“During World War II, military leaders had the opposite problem,reporting that many recruits were rejected because of stunted growth and inadequate nutrition. After the war, military leaders pushed Congress to establish the national school lunch program so children would grow up healthier.”

Can we say the progressive answer, a statist, programmed edict  birthed and ballooned our current security threat? Or have we, instead, yielded individual responsibility to nanny control?  Have  we again let the state correct what we as parents have failed to model, manage, and make (homemade lunches,etc.)?

Caring parents know the individual needs of their kids. How often we hear from a parent, “God made the mold and broke the mold” for each birthed child. The genetic code is so intricate, beautifully diverse. We know that slimming food for one relative is bulking, bulging food for another. And there are those pesky allergic reactions to healthy foods grown in the best of organic gardens–like tomatoes for the fructose intolerant or Vitamin E, protein packing peanuts for others.

We can agree with the military leaders, that growing healthier kids secures a prepared nation. But will we again hand progressives the means to narrow and nationalize diets for divergent families?

Maybe we need to reboot responsibly–starting this week. Limit the couch time with a digital screen any size and get moving. Exercise, and, for those with kids at home, go pack some delicious, catered to their health needs, homemade lunch.