Ron Radosh has written an excellent piece at Pajamas Media about a blatant, but drearily familiar, smear of Victor Davis Hanson by Jeffrey Sachs — and Joe Scarborough’s underwhelming response to same. Anyone still planning to run out and get his No Labels membership card (75% off all David Frum books — act now) should watch the clip below then reconsider the wisdom of having Fifi the poodle guard the house.

Sachs I’m assured is “internationally known” – presumably by virtue of teaching at Columbia and being head of an organization with the name “Earth” in it. Hopefully he doesn’t teach ethics or logic, because his remarks on the recent Morning Joe episode provided no evidence of even a tenuous grasp of either. In response to a question about President Obama’s recent policy about-faces — in which an article of Hanson’s was quoted — Sachs’ immediate and visceral reaction was, in effect, “never mind the facts, Hanson is a wild eyed extremist responsible for getting us into Iraq and Afghanistan.”

This seems to have been enough to dazzle Joe Scarborough, who responded to Sachs’ repeated and baseless slanders with a few feeble attempts to change the subject, one lame joke, and that final redoubt of intellectual and moral courage, agreement with the slanderer to “put Victor Davis Hanson to the side.”

Evidently the more sensible option of putting Jeffrey Sachs to the side didn’t occur to him.

JEFFREY SACHS: Anything that Hanson says I’m likely to disagree with, cause no commentator has done more harm to the American people actually than that guy who led us into all these disastrous wars. But aside from that –


SACHS: No, that is real. Because this is an extremist. So quoting him doesn’t really make the point.


SCARBOROUGH: And I will put Victor Hanson –

SACHS: Sorry, that’s a side point, but that man – that guy’s done a lot of damage.

SCARBOROUGH: I will put Victor Davis Hanson to the side, you obviously, you guys aren’t on each other’s mailing lists, Christmas card lists.

SACHS: That guy got us into more wars, and more militarism, than anybody.