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A protester waves a U.S. flag as hundreds of protesters gather outside Kwai Chung police station in Hong Kong, Tuesday, July 30, 2019. Protesters clashed with police again in Hong Kong on Tuesday night after reports that some of their detained colleagues would be charged with the relatively serious charge of rioting. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)

I’ve done a lot of watching interviews about the mess in China, the bigger problem with Hong Kong, and the overall picture that the media seems to paint, which is a blank canvas. What I believe I have learned is that my taste for fiction has borne a lot of fruit, but that’s for another day.

Given all the hype about the use of tariffs to push back against China, in it’s war, and it is a war, only so far, without military weapons, and that is about to change, Trump is doing the right thing. China military is massing around their territory, known as Hong Kong. They have already begun to use force, by taking some significant shots against those protestors, one losing her eye, as a result of a rubber bullet, and many others having been clubbed and beaten down by the Chinese version of the old brown shirts of pre-WWII NAZI Germany.

You have to look at China and their history, and how it took a few bad turns during the period between WWI and WWII, when the politicians of the day were becoming ideologues of all three major ideas about governance: Communism, Capitalism, Democracy, and often a mixture of all three combined. You also have to look at their early history. I don’t recall the exact names of the dynasties and who said what, but there was a growing attitude of the Chinese being the Gods of everyone, and those else should bow down to their superiority. Their culture, The Hans, that is, is surrounded by all their detractors, being the Mongolians, the Uighuirs, the Tibetans and a few more, and the geography of the land mass. They have stolen from all of that to make their country what it is today, and they have never gotten away from their being superior to everyone else in the world.

Skipping along, I learned that their present day banking system is one that is essentially run by a mafia style organization, named the Communist Party of China, which is merely a front for a couple families who actually dictate to the masses in China. The Chinese worker, who is still getting the velvet glove treatment from Wall Street, the media, the Bilderbergs and all that Davos stuff is just a smokescreen, for the sole purpose of slave labor, which is still prevalent and growing in China, and all the gloss and glitter is only skin deep, with the way China projects their image to the rest of the world. From what I have seen, all the glitz and slitter is only around the coastal regions of China, and if you get maybe a hundred miles inland you start to see all the peasants.

Sorry if I appear lazy to use quotes and links, but this is just a diary, but remember when President Trump went to Davos Switzerland, for that speech, and to mingle with all the globalists? A couple days earlier, President Xi Jinping went and addressed the elite audience, touting their strength, having the progressive low labor rates and immediate spin up of anything in the market. Xi was the one bragging about his sins, as well as his virtues, which are virtually none, since everyone at that conference, the best and the brightest, and the highest paid and best educated people on the planet, all knew he was selling them a pack of lies. so why do they bite, when they hear about how great China is? It is because they know about the slave labor, and those who do get a paycheck, it is in dollars per day, instead of a better share of the trillions of dollars that the communist party rakes off before anyone is considered for pay. And the crowd at Davos is delighted to hear this, because they don’t give a damn about working conditions, pay, health care, pollution and overall viability of the Chinese peasant. All they care about is cheap. There is nothing capitalistic about this, and I’ll argue with anyone about that.  The Davos crowd only wants cheap, to make extra profit, which is just a bastardization of a fundamental principle, but not the right thing. Even the so-called “Robber Barons” of our past weren’t as corrupt and evil as the Chinese, and by extension, the Davos crowd are. We hear from all those altruist mouthpieces how great all these people are, but all they really are are robber barons, and have been for centuries.

The Chinese banking system is rather troubling to me, and it is how the CPC takes it’s cut off the top and uses it as a money laundering operation. There is an internal banking system, and an external one. We only see the external one, as the internal banking systems would scare the Hell out of any American who might compare it to ours. The internal banks have little to no checks and balances, and every bank has Politboro members sitting on the boards, which makes the reporting unnecessary, unlike our banking system. The external banking system is the one they use to launder the ill gotten gains and turn around and try to buy everything under the sun with. That’s the one that might comply with international accounting rules, but that’s still a maybe, because, from what I heard people, like Stephen Moore, say about them is that you can’t trust a single number or statistic that they report, because it is quite often overstated in their favor. I heard much of the same thing from Steve Bannon, who has had a lot of experience in the area, as a Naval officer, and a financial businessman. Some might squawk about that, but he has talked plenty about the subject and seems to be well informed, and others back up what he says, readily.

I think I could go on for days, on this one diary, but we’ll just have to save something for another day. However, there are some very useful channels on Youtube(that haven’t been banned, or hidden), one of which is TimeGhost(Indy Naidel) who gives a fast paced history lesson in his Between2Wars series about the politics and how it came into being. Another one is America’s Thought Leaders, which deals with geopolitics globally, but there is a lot of stuff about China that will entertain, and possibly disgust you. They have many very good interviews that are educational for the likes of me. One thing I have learned, right off the bat, is that there are good sources, well outside the domain of the college and university textbook, and that gives me more hope than I ever imagined, even at my old age. It’s out there!


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