When the Supreme Court ruled against Boris Johnson, in the pro-roguing of Parliament, they may have given Boris a gift, at the same time. If anyone around here is following the Brexit mess, they might be aware of what is known as the Benn “surrender” bill that demands that the Prime Minister has to go and ask for an extension to the Article 50, which is, itself, the way that a country leaves the European Union. No matter what you believe, take this to the bank: The EU is insolvent, and will say the opposite of what they mean, and will gladly extend Article 50. That’s the only thing left holding the UK in the EU, and the EU is a sponge that keeps on sucking.

But, setting that aside for a moment, there is a lot of similarity between the United States Constitution and the British Constitution. One of which is something known as “Separation of Power”, which defines who does what. The Judiciary is the same in England, as ours in the US. The Legislative is very similar as ours, except for that House of Lords, which is made up of barons, Lords and other prestigious label the royalty hands out. Conrad Black was made into a Lord. Elton John and Paul McCartney might even be eligible to sit in that august body, also, because of their whatever it is they were knighted for. and, then there is the Executive, which is the government, for all intents and purposes. They do have a checks and balance, like we do, also, and that only extends so far. It can not force the head of government to do what is his to decide, and the British Supreme Court articulated that, at the same time it said Boris pro-roguing of Parliament was unconstitutional. They even went farther than that. The Supreme Court had no witnesses to the conversation that took place, so they could only perform their activism, which, from what I understand, is rare.

So, by the Supreme Court stating that they, and the Parliament, have no executive authority to do anything, other than making laws and ruling on constitutionality, they can’t really force the Prime Minister to do anything, concerning his constitutional duties. So that leaves a door open for Boris Johnson to be able to disobey a piece of unconstitutional law set forth by the Parliament, and is one more piece of wiggle room that Boris can use to thwart the Remainers and do the will of the British voters, who had their say, in 2016.


Now, if only Boris would figure out how to take the BBC private, and relieve that burden from the taxpaying Brit, who has had enough of the same leftish tripe that we Americans have been putting up with, for decades. You haven’t lived until you have experienced the wrath of Cathy Newman. Ask Jordan Peterson, who is the sole survivor from her wrath. The United Kingdom has the same problems we have, the more I dig, and the brain trust across the pond is just like ours, flopping around, like a washing machine on spin, out of balance.

I think Halloween Night 2019 might be a bummer for British Remainer “trick or treaters”. After Halloween, the UK will become a powerhouse over the EU, and that will send all the rats to some other sinking ship.