Yesterday, I heard Pat Buchanan remark that whipping the final health care votes would have nothing to do with economic or even ideological arguments, but that the last few scattered sheep would be driven into the pen with an appeal to the “do you really want to he hear Rush and Sean crowing about this on Monday?” tactic.

Now, the more I think about it, the more I really do think the sheer horror of this thing is hitting many Obama supporters, but that they will never subjugate their realization to a victory for the right.  It like a contentious and anonymous EBay bidding war–one where you are caught up in a some frenzied anger that another bidder’s proxy bid keeps knocking you out.  Finally, you bid twice the value of the thing you wanted. Sure, you won, but at what price?

So here you have a usually vocal and cacophonous Hollywood set.  And they’re (at least to me) comparatively quiet.  Is it because they simply know they are not part of the austere, legislative body that will never suffer the reverberations of such nightmarish policy?  I guess only they would know for sure. But I sure as anything don’t see them pining for this health care bill.  And to silence ones self to deprive Rush Limbaugh a bragging right? Well, that’s about as shallow as our upcoming coverage spectrums.

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