Tea Party Keeps Winning in Wisconsin

    ** Promoted from the diaries. – Aaron ** No other state in the union saw as big of a transformation of political control in the 2010 election as Wisconsin, going from liberal domination to conservative leadership. Following Gov. Walker’s bold collective bargaining reforms, the Left protested, whined, and forced recalls that ultimately failed. These activities spurred the Tea Party into action and gave them invaluable | Read More »

    Reporters Show Egregious Bias in Scott Walker Coverage

    Media Bias was on full display last week in reaction to news coming out of Wisconsin. Reporters’ assumptions that conservative politicians are cheating the system led them to report significant factual errors regarding Gov. Scott Walker and a “criminal scheme.” In reality, failed legal arguments were being publicly exposed for the first time as a federal judge forced prosecutors to attempt to damage Walker in | Read More »

    PA Big Labor Boss Bullies Job Creators

    During a press conference in support of privatizing Pennsylvania’s liquor stores, Big Labor Boss Wendell W. Young, repeatedly shouted and interrupted speakers at the podium.  Young, who received $287,386 in compensation last year, is the Local 1776 representative for United Food and Commercial Workers, which represents many of Pennsylvania’s liquor store employees. Commonwealth Foundation’s President Matthew Brouillette captured the above video of Young cursing and | Read More »

    Polls: Voters Want Bold Conservative Reforms

    Two years ago, several newly elected conservative Governors were planning their legislative agendas.  When Gov. Scott Walker proposed his public sector collective bargaining reforms, the Left seemed giddy that a Governor in a purple state would make such a conservative proposal, thinking it would be easy to defeat him in his next election.  However, the voters in the June 5, 2012 Recall election, rewarded his | Read More »

    Wisconsin Left Relies on Judges to Salvage Agenda

    An infamous Dane County Wisconsin Judge has struck again as Judge David Flanagan is the second judge to permanently bar Wisconsin’s Voter ID law.  You may remember Judge David Flanagan from when he issued a temporary injunction to halt the same Voter ID law back in March, thereby preventing the law requiring voters show ID from applying to the June 5 recall election.  Oh and | Read More »

    Tea Party in Wisconsin Poised to Destroy the Left

    The Left in Wisconsin has surrendered its lead in grassroots organizing as Tea Party groups hone their skills thanks to a training blitz by American Majority, the nations’ premier conservative activist and candidate training organization.  To equip grassroots conservatives who are on the front-lines of what has become a nationally observed battle in Wisconsin, American Majority launched a 5-week long Spring Training Blitz to train | Read More »

    Wisconsin Better Off Because of Collective Bargaining Reforms

    On the eve of the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board’s special meeting to determine if they will certify the recall signatures and set recall elections, Wisconsin stands better off as a result of the reforms it passed last year.  Recent polling shows that a majority of Wisconsinites back up this perspective. The March Marquette University Law School Poll (taken March 22-25) asked whether Wisconsin voters think | Read More »

    Judicial Bias and Political Activism Running Rampant in Wisconsin Courts

    From the diaries . . . Once again, Wisconsin is the nation’s poster child for controversial decisions that damage our electoral process.  This time, it’s Wisconsin’s judiciary that’s implicated as liberal judges are revealing their partiality and engaging in political activism. Perhaps this problem would be best understood with a baseball analogy. Suppose Milwaukee Brewer Ryan Braun was facing a panel of three judges (instead | Read More »

    Breitbart Lives On in Wisconsin

    Yesterday afternoon, I donated photos of Andrew Breitbart to the Wisconsin Historical Society.  The Society had requested photos from American Majority’s I Stand with Walker Rally held last February 19, at the peak of the Budget Repair Bill Battle.  As I reviewed Breitbart’s photos prior to donating them, I remembered Breitbart’s boldness and fearlessness that have inspired so many people across this great nation.  Thanks | Read More »

    Quinn’s Copycat Play Still Leaves Taxpayers on the Hook

    Promoted from the diaries By Sarah Gough and Matt Batzel Don’t look now but it looks like Gov. Quinn is stealing a page from the Wisconsin budget playbook.  Facing an ongoing fiscal crisis, Quinn is looking to move the teacher’s pension expense off of the state’s budget by having suburban and Downstate school districts start contributing to their teacher pensions.  This move is similar to | Read More »