This story originally appeared on and was written by Campus Services Coordinator Tony Listi:

Indoctrination of students in class by faculty who promote socialist ideas and other leftist priorities.

Leftist faculty using their class time to preach politics instead of teaching the topic at hand.

Faculty who express in class blatant contempt of conservative ideas.

These are three of the 47 types of leftist abuse and bias compiled by Leadership Institute president Morton Blackwell. Professor Keith Swim engages in all three in his Business Law class at Texas A&M University.

One student in the class decided to audio record the professor’s lectures to expose his leftist bias.

Toward the beginning of the course, Professor Swim said:

I hate insurance companies. Sorry if one of your parents work for one because I will trash them all year.

When discussing Article 3 of the Constitution and the U.S. court system, he said:

I am just telling y’all, they’re crooks. Never vote for a Republican if you want the right judges in office.

When talking about laws on defamation, Professor Swim said the following:

Rush Limbaugh lies to you every day. Now how does he get away with it?

When the class reached the section on regulatory law, Swim denied that the federal government was getting bigger, slammed Republicans and “Big Business,” and touted the virtues of government regulation.

The size of the federal government is not growing any bigger and bigger and bigger. If anything, it is downsized since the Kennedy Administration. So in your whole lifetime, it hasn’t increased in size. Now the Republicans will tell you differently and say “No, government is growing exponentially and we got to get control of it.”  Ok, so listen real carefully to what they say is true: the federal government has grown; it’s the state government that’s exploded…

So the Republicans are usually gonna be the ones against government regulation; the Democrats are usually gonna be the ones who’re pushing it. Now if you’ll look at their voting base that’ll make sense. The Republican Party for years has been supported by Big Business. The Democrats have gotten theirs money from civilian institutions. So it shouldn’t surprise you at all that’d be met with favor. Regulations are going to favor individuals; lack of regulations are going to favor Big Business. A lot of times the president admits the government isn’t even better at telling people what to do than the business is. But you’re also going to see throughout history, and I think that’s true today, but throughout history there’ve been time periods where the government was the only one that was powerful enough to take these businesses on and make them do what was right. And the argument that businesses will do what’s right and treat you correctly is just crazy…. OK people, does Big Business take care of you? Sure, they do! They take care of your pocket book. That’s all they care about. Somebody has to keep ’em under control. And that somebody, whether you like it or not, and there’re going to be times in your life that you don’t, I’ll assure you, is government regulation… But as far as government regulation goes, might as well get used to it; it’s here to stay…

So I’m not saying they’re always great. I’m not saying they’re always right. But they do you a service whether you like it or not. And the business doesn’t like it because, well, how many of you like being told what to be? And do they tell businesses what to do and pay for it, or do they expect the business to pay for it? They expect the business to pay for its decisions. So these are not the most popular people in the world. They get a lot of criticism. But they also do a very deep service to all of you.

Is your professor engaging in leftist indoctrination too? Fight back! Here’s how:

  1. Join The website helps conservative students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, and others to find each other, network, and coordinate opposition to leftist bias and abuse on campus. Blog about or report leftist abuse and bias on your campus.
  2. Add your professors to the Faculty Tracker. Create a profile for them so students and alumni can hold them accountable for their actions. Create profiles for the biased textbooks they assign too.
  3. Join or Start a Group: Real change on campus starts with students organizing fellow students. You can’t do everything yourself. Once you have a group together, it’s time to execute some activism that gains attention on campus and beyond for your cause/issue. Only by getting out there in public can you have an impact on campus. Blog about your activities on
  4. Get Alumni Involved: The most successful student groups leverage their alumni’s monetary influence. Protests and bad publicity for a university are one thing, but money talks and creates real policy changes.

Matthew Hurtt is a Campus Services Coordinator for the Leadership Institute’s and can be reached at [email protected].