Look for that headline, or a close cousin in February or March.

Now why in the world would I say that? Maybe because, as I’ve been accused lately, I suffer from BDS and simply refuse to give George W. Bush credit for anything.

Well, while I suppose I could be accused of that (and probably will be, but I really don’t care), that’s just not the case.

From the Sunday edition of the Washington Post

Now it’s time for the unthinkable to take place in Washington. For the past several years, Iraq has divided and polarized our parties, our policymakers and our people. The debate over the war has often been disfigured by politics and partisanship, precluding the national consensus so important to American security in a dangerous world. President-elect Barack Obama has the opportunity to end this destructive dynamic and rebuild a bipartisan consensus on American foreign policy, including the way forward in Iraq. In naming talented, principled and pragmatic leaders to his national security cabinet, the president-elect has already demonstrated that he wants to set aside foreign policy politics as usual. Now the very capable leadership team of Defense Secretary Bob Gates, Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton and Gen. Jim Jones, the incoming national security adviser, can apply their bipartisan credentials to help the president-elect forge an Iraq policy that will garner the support of Democrats and Republicans alike.
Iraq can serve as an anchor of stability in the region, a counter to Iranian hegemony and a model of democracy for the Middle East.

This outcome is not yet guaranteed, even with all the success we have seen over the previous two years in Iraq. That is what makes it all the more important that Republicans and Democrats put aside the differences over Iraq that have divided us in the past. The president-elect has the chance to repair this breach in our politics by adopting a set of policies, resting on the best judgments of our commanders and diplomats on the ground, that all of us — Democrats and Republicans alike — will be able to support. We have high hopes that he will do so.

Hey 908, what the hell do you expect? It’s the WaPo talking. Of course they’ll try to give credit to Obama.

Yeah? That didn’t come from the WaPo Editorial Board. It was written by one John Sidney McCain in conjunction with his recent choice for Republican VP candidate good friend and Senate colleague, Joe Lieberman.

Get used to it friends, this is how the history of the Iraq War will go down, at least in the near term, as in over the next decade.

  • George W. Bush and Dick Cheney lied to the world, as especially the US Congress in order to that the US to war in Iraq.
  • The campaign was ill planned from the start, with inadequate equipment to protect our valiant troops, like poor or not enough body armor and Humvees that were not equipped with armor plating which cost untold lives and limbs of brave men and women.
  • As poorly as the war was planned, the occupation was even worse.  Not enough troops, lousy morale and a chain of command that was willing to look the other way in face of hundreds of reported war crimes.
  • After the 2006 election disaster the Bush Administration finally stopped stonewalling the call of patriotic Democrats for a larger footprint to control violence and a date certain for a pullout so the Iraqis would be forced to take ownership of their civil war.
  • The Democratic War Plan / Peace Plan quickly bore fruit, with US combat deaths quickly dropping to record lows and relative peace and calm being restored to the cities in Iraq.  The Iraqi government quickly moved to negotiate a SOFA that would call for US troops to be removed from Iraq in the sixteen month timeframe that candidate Obama set forth.
  • With the election of Barack Obama and the complete repudiation of the Republican neo-con war machine, the Iraqis have quickly stepped up to take responsibility for their country and we will be seeing the first waves of our brave women and men coming home for good.

Some among us can blather all they want about George Bush winning the war in Iraq, but facts on the ground are proving that argument to be nothing more than bluster.

Oh, and on a side note, read the whole article.  It lays out quite nicely a John McCain who will be a major power broker in the US Senate working “across the aisle” with the new President, putting aside our differences and working in a bipartisan manner for the good of the American people.

Now I have to vomit.