HT to Hotair…

We need more nerdy wonks. We’ve grown fat and stupid on a red meat diet.

I don’t know if TPaw should be our candidate, but I think this is a good start. He got bad reviews at CPAC for a red meat speech that he didn’t carry off particularly well. Hopefully he’ll fight the urge to repeat that fiasco. In this two minutes of pre-announcement, he seems to be setting the stage for a serious run. And he notes several important things. First, he served two terms as Governor of a Democratic state. Second, he governed as a solid conservative and moved the state to the right. Proof of that is that after two terms of conservative, and sometimes pretty hostile, governance the people of Minnesota turned both houses of their legislature over to Republicans and many of those are pretty conservative. Third, he understands the issues – the deficit, the overreach of government and jobs.

I think this is a good start. By the end of today, it could be an excellent start.

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