Well, that’s the way looks from my front porch anyway.

She’s been taking lots of lumps lately and word has it that her bosses are tired of being embarrassed by her vacuous behavior. Look for election night to be her final fling.

Replacement??? Hey, thanks for asking.

If Obama wins, they’ll be looking for a conservative so they can claim “balance”. First choice David Brooks is under contract to the NYT and is unavailable. Second choice Dick Lugar wouldn’t take the job because he’s got a bigger contract from K-Street.Word on the street is that if Obama loses – not likely considering his strong polling – he’s got the job. And he’ll be a newsman NOT a commentator.

Looks like the “New Soledad” could be the guy featured in the MSNBC-esque Yahoo News today as a conservative spokesman:

Some conservatives agree reluctantly that, overall, the polls are not going in Romney’s favor.

“I’ve been in politics long enough to know that the louder one side gets complaining about the polls, the more likely it is that this is the side that, in reality, actually is losing,” conservative commentator Erick Erickson, who runs the RedState blog, wrote on Thursday.

I think this blog audition falls into the “any press is good press” category. Or something.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing EE headlining at CNN. Assuming the polling is right of course.