Quotes from Saul Alinsky:

” Rules … What rules”?”Laws … What laws”?”In a war against social evils there are no rules of fair game”.

Saul Alinsky was a Communist Community Organizer and a mentor to both Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Many people in our Country still point at their TV screens at night and say things like “I can’t believe this media bias”.

Many people in our Country still shake their heads in disbelief that we have open boarders and provide tax payer benefits to those who entered and who live here illegally.

Many people don’t realize nor do they understand that what they are witnessing is not a bad case of Intellectual Dishonesty but rather the culmination of decades and planning.

Thus through a long and patient grassroots effort the political left-wing of this Country has both gained control of and then effectively have used Academia, Media, Entertainment and incomprehensible sums of donated money from people like George Soros to control the flow of information to U.S. citizens to the tipping point that will bring us a President Barak Obama = “The Ultimate Marx Brother”.

Those citizens who continue to make an honest effort to pay attention and stay informed will hear:

Comedian John Stewart to Sarah Palin … “F* You”!Comedian Bill Maher to Sarah Palin … “Palin Reincarnated as Wolf Shot From Plane”.

Can you imagine a public “F* You” shout-out from John Stewart to Michelle Obama?

Can you imagine Bill Maher wishing out loud on national television for “Michelle Obama Reincarnated as Wolf Shot From Plane”?

People in our Media can and do say anything they want about someone just running for public office such as Sarah Palin including things like:

Her baby is really her daughters baby.Her daughters Father is black.Sarah Palin charged for rape kits while Mayor of Wasilia.Sarah Palin is a member of the Alaskan Separatist Movement.Sarah Palin had an affair with her husbands business associate.Sarah Palin banned books.

Most importantly we all have been told that Sarah Palin is very dumb and very stupid.

Compared to who?

Joe (a three letter word … Jobs) Biden?

George Bush is very dumb and very stupid.Compared to who?John (lower Yale GPA and IQ test score than Bush) Kerry?

Dick Cheney = Most evil person alive.Compared to who?What exactly did Dick Cheney do to have such a tag actually stick?

Obama has not been forced to release any school records, medical records, even a legitimate Birth Certificate.

Former Obama associations include:

Domestic Terrorist (Bill Ayers)Church Pastor, American hate spewing, anti Semitic, black liberation, black supremacy (Rev Wright)Chicago Mobster (Tony Resko)And his ACORN organizing history are all off-limits and out of bounds.

All news is controlled, filtered, under reported, over reported, misreported or simply not reported by the MSM.

Valerie Plame was a covert, secret CIA James Bond type agent outted by Vice President Dick Cheney Chief-of-Staff Scooter Libby?She was neither covert nor outted by Libby but rather Democrat Richard Armitage.

Bush lied and people died?Nearly 80% of the U.S. Senate and nearly 70% of the U.S. House of Representatives voted to invade Iraq.Over 70% of the public polls supported the invasion as did inadvertently the UN via their 17 resolution violations.

Bush mismanaged Katrina relief.Local (Mayor) and State (Governor) mismanaged Katrina relief.

It’s the failed economic policies of the Bush Administration that caused Freddie and Fannie to collapse.Not GSE’s, The Community Reinvestment Act or Democratic Social Engineering (Everyone is entitled to own a home) policies.

Bush tax cuts were only for the rich?Despite the fact that the top 1% pay 40% of the taxes, the top 50% pay 97.5% of all taxes and the bottom 40% pay no taxes.How would Bush provide tax cuts to those who do not pay taxes?

And how will a President Obama provide tax cuts to 95% of all workers as he had repeatedly pledged when 40% of all workers pay zero taxes?

Facts no longer matter.The truth no longer matters.Up is down, black is white and left is right.Remember Saul Alinsky = “no rules and no laws”.

American Exceptionalism is now bad and American Exceptionalism is now evil.America is bad and America evil.Our souls are broken and only Obama can heal them.

Hard-Work, Merit and Achievement are now to be ridiculed and punished and it’s rewards are to be redistributed.

The Silent Majority = People now are afraid to even publicly support a Conservative or a Republican candidate as the hatred and ridicule you may very well receive simply isn’t worth the effort.

Capitalism is evil.Free Trade is bad.Big Business is bad.Big Government is good.

ACORN is allowed to perpetrate historical country wide voter fraud supported by over $800,000 of Candidate Obama’s campaign donations and the facts are discounted, distorted or simply not reported.

Remember the media myth … Bush stole the last 2 elections with the help of the U.S. Supreme Court and automated voting machines and of course Republican’s have been suppressing voter turn-out since there’s been Republicans? .

This Country/Our Country will be virtually unrecognizable within 2 years of an Obama victory and this fact will eventually cause the majority of our country much anger, resentment and bewilderment (how did this happen to The United States of America)?

Bottom-Line:None of this was the result of “Intellectual Dishonesty” on behalf of Academia, Entertainment or Media.

This is the end result of a long, patient and concerted effort on behalf of the Socialist/Marxist Left Wing Movement in the Western World and it looks like they actually succeeded!

God Bless AmericaGod Help us all …

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