I started getting really depressed last week because I came to the realization that we’re pretty much doomed. Why? Because of the posts I see on Facebook. Yeah, I know. It’s my own fault for reading all this drivel and having stupid friends. But I really love Facebook and use it to stay in touch with old friends and family. At first, I would gleefully post my political opinions even though I noticed a couple of people had “defriended” me as a result. Lately, I try to keep it toned down because it’s one thing to be “for” something and another to be all negative and disparage somebody else’s beliefs. I stayed out of the whole Chik Fil A discussion because I have several gay friends on there and although I oppose gay marriage, I don’t want them to think that means I oppose THEM. (But I did stay in line at the drive through on August 1st for my tasty chicken sandwich.) And I don’t post nasty responses when some of my friends post their liberal nonsense. I almost lost it when one of my friends posted a really bad picture of Sarah Palin with the caption “Just think, 4 years ago John McCain thought she would be a better VP than Mitt Romney!” I did wait a few days and post the goofiest picture of Joe Biden I could find and commented “Just think, 4 years ago Barack Obama thought he would make a better VP than Hillary Clinton – and he still does! Wait, that’s not funny…”

But here’s what really put me over the edge: I shared a comment Mike Huckabee made about the abortion issue. I don’t remember the exact words but essentially, he pointed out that men who support abortion don’t usually treat women well. I thought that was a great point. This week’s “Vagina Monologues” illustrated this pefectly. Ted Kennedy supported abortion? Yeah, of course he did. He also left a woman to drown. He treated his first wife like dirt. Bill Clinton? Remember how the exact same women who wanted Clarence Thomas tarred and feathered thought Monica Lewinsky should have been grateful for the opportunity to sexually service Bill Clinton since he was keeping abortion legal? I’m sure Bill Maher is a HUGE supporter of abortion. And these guys all use their support of abortion to convince women that they’re “on our side” when in reality, they’re using it to duck their own responsibilities.

One of my friends took issue with this. That’s fine, I realize others see this differently. But I really like this man, think he is highly intelligent, and was under the impression that we were having a spirited exchange of ideas. Right up until he unloaded on me and turned it from a disagreement on an issue to a personal vendetta.

So, now I’m sad because I realize that if 2 intelligent people can’t even discuss this rationally, we’re sunk. The “pro choice” side thinks anyone who disagrees with them is a sex-o-phobic prig that just wants to control women and they just will not accept that maybe someone actually cares about the lives of the unborn. And some of those on the pro life side might actually fit that description. But the rest of us just can’t understand why we’re still having a million “suprise” pregnancies in an age where Walmart carries about 400 different contraceptive products. And despite what my friend said, this is not “settled law.” A supreme court decision invalidated the settled laws. As a result, every Supreme Court appointment comes a do or die battle on BOTH sides. It’s even spilled over to the lower courts. A lot of benches are sitting vacant because no Senator wants to approve the appointment now of somebody he’s later going to have to oppose down the road.

But the really depressing thing for me is that I no longer see these people as having an honest disagreement with me, I now see them as idiots. I have 2 friends who are constantly posting little jibes from the “We survived Bush you WILL survive Obama” page. They’re both unemployed, lost a house to foreclosure, and they’re still going to vote for Obama. My brother-in-law is still disappointed that his Republican governor killed the high speed rail that was going to carry him to a city he rarely visits when he already has a car to drive him there. And don’t even get me started on all the twits that are elated about the “free” healthcare they’re going to get now. I just find myself hoping I live long enough to see them put on the ice floes first so that I can at least say “I told you so” before it’s my turn.

The only thing holding our country together at this point is the $16 tillion in debt we’ve accumulated. If a bunch of red states decided to secede today, I’m doubting the blue states would be sorry to see us go. Others have said this before, but maybe they’re right. Maybe we should all just go our separate ways. We can all move to the state and district we agree with, watch our own news stations, defriend each other on Facebook and never speak again. We can watch Fox news, they can watch MSNBC. We’ll keep Chik Fil A and they can have Starbucks. We’ll take all the military (they won’t use it anyway) and leave them all the abortion clinics. As for the moderates, they’ll have to pick a damn side.

On the plus side, this means I’ll never have to eat Thanksgiving with my inlaws again. But I’ll miss some of my favorite TV shows.

So, am I totally overreacting? Or was Rodney King wrong? Maybe, we just can’t all get along.