Respectfully, Mr. Erickson has it only half-right: The media is indeed working for the enemy. But, this week, we will watch them go from collaborators to full-on contributors.

Of course, the JournoList crowd has long been in the tank for this President, taking their lead from the organizations and organs that print or publish their nonsense. Politico, for example, becomes less and less discernable from DailyKos with every passing hour. The Mainstream Media hasn’t been far behind them, as they have buried every bit of news that could knock their President off his purch under as many fluff-pieces and anti-GOP hatchet jobs as they can. President Obama may be winning the election now, but the attempts by the Mainstream Media to depress right-leaning voters with stories of Romney’s doom long preceded this recent Obama bump. Heck, it’s only the 18th, and CNN is already laying the groundwork to excuse the President from any responsibility if the September job numbers are weak.

This week, the collaboration reached a new level of complicity. As the Redstate Baron noted more artfully than I ever could, the handling  of the tragedy in Benghazi has been somewhere between Pravda and Der Sturmer  in terms of their blatant twisting of truths and parroting of Administration talking-points. If one read only Mainstream American papers and watched only the ABC/CBS/NBC sides of the tuning dial, one would have no idea that, across the rest of the world, no one believes this Administration didn’t receive warning on the attack three days before.  Indeed, the Gang of 500 is merrily parroting an angle so ridiculous it is almost comical: that is, these protests were wholly inspired by one poorly made movie.

I know we haven’t seen the last of it, and we certainly haven’t seen the worst. This week, the Mainstream Media is going to ensure that the disaster that is this President’s foreign policy is wholly and completely ignored to the extent that they possibly can make us ignore it. This week, folks, we are going to see an anti-Romney smear campaign, coupled with a pro-Obama smokescreen, that none here have likely seen before. This week, I have no doubt that the story on all the headlines will not be the Americans who needlessly died due to Administration sloppiness and the resulting cover-up of the events and intelligence leading to the attack. It won’t be about the fact that the same rogue nation sending troops to massacre Syrian civilians is inching ever-closer to getting nuclear weapons.

No, the story across the lips of everyone from Ed Schultz to Ezra Klein will be a candid Mitt Romney. They will all be ready to pounce on him as cold-hearted, and declare that this effectively means the end of his campaign. Of course, the fact that everything Mitt Romney said is true simply doesn’t matter to them. Almost half of Americans don’t pay income taxes, according to the Heritage Foundation. Certainly, many of them are dependant on President Obama and his statist agenda, and certainly, many of them don’t want to be free of the Government teat: yesterday, for example,  Gallup released a poll showing that a whopping 67% of Americans believe that the Federal Government should be more involved and more active, not less. Governor Romney’s statements about how he would be running stronger if he were a Latino were certainly not wise, but compared to an Obama Administration with more race-cards up its sleeve than a cheat in a card game, they seem as harmless as a horsefly on an stallion.

In terrifying fashion, the media has made itself the single most important factor in this election. They have, successfully, funneled this campaign into a choice between their ownogre-like caricature of conservatives, and the so-called “golden years” of the Clinton 90’s.  Like a Victoria’s Secret airbrusher, they have glossed over and covered up any story that would leave a visible blemish on their god-king in the Oval Office. Meanwhile, they sling mud at Mitt Romney like a team of Clydesdales in a rainstorm.

It may be impossible to overcome this election cycle.  But, there is one silver lining: not only have they beclowned themselves, as Mr. Erickson noted, but they have wholly exposed themselves, and their agenda, as well. It may not sink in by November, but eventually, it will sink in: in the age of RedState, Drudge Report, and talk radio, this media blackout is a ship that cannot stay afloat for long. Eventually, it is my hope, the American people will grow wise of the media and weary of its mendacity, and when and if they do, we will all be much the better for it.