I don’t know why but I periodically get emails from Indiana Democratic State Senator Karen Tallian. This most recent one was detailing how Tallian was helping to form this year’s Indiana State Budget. Now there were several problems I had with this, 1) Indiana Republicans have had a Supermajority in the State Senate for quite some time now and in 2010 Republicans gained a Majority in the House and extended that to a Supermajority in 2012, so theoretically all she is forming is the Democratic “Budget” which will be rejected out of hand. She makes references of course to some budget proposals her party has made that are being “considered” and by that I mean President Pro Tempore David Long (R- Ft. Wayne) looks them over, smiles, and send them back with some “revisions.”

She of course takes an opportunity to criticize Republican education plans, and also Mike Pence’s tax cut idea (which he campaigned on, in fact its the only thing he campaigned on other than that he was Mike Pence). Now for those of you who don’t live in Indiana Mike Pence is suggesting we initiate a 10% tax cut, our State Income Tax is around 3.4-4% so it would be less than an actual percent cut, but in this “poor” person’s opinion, one who is likely to be adversely affected by any tax cut for the wealthy that will then be “paid” for by an increase in the sales tax that will “affect” poor people most of all, ANY tax cut no matter how small is generally better than no tax cut at all, especially if said Revenue is not needed because Indiana has a Surplus and a 4 billion dollar “rainy day” fund courtesy of fmr. Governor Mitch Daniels. She also labels Mike Pence’s tax plan an “increase”…….did I miss some catastrophic event that changed reason and logic, or does this LONGTIME democratic state senator not know the difference between a decrease and an increase. That or she is lying and hoping some low info voter thinks Pence raised  taxes. Anyway here is the video of her talking at the Statehouse. It is always humorous to see the now irrelevant State Democrats play chicken little and other typical Liberal talking points that just don’t work in Indiana no more.



Update: In the last month a budget was approved and Indiana did indeed get a Tax Cut. Governor Pence did not get his 10% cut he campaigned on, however he was able to get a 5% cut. Senate Republicans had initially proposed a budget with a 3% tax cut whereas House Republicans hadn’t proposed a tax cut at all, so this is being viewed by the Pence Administration as a win. With this tax cut Mike Pence sets the record for largest tax cut in Indiana’s history. The record was previously broken by then Democratic Governor Evan Bayh. You read that right a Democrat supported a tax cut, remember when they used to do that…….