We are now getting word from inside Congress that the “fix” may be in on a Boehner-Reid deal to fund the government until March 31 -– more or less on Barack Obama’s terms.

Thus, Republicans would agree to fund ObamaCare, fund IRS agents to arrest ObamaCare dissenters, fund Obama’s anti-gun agenda, fund Planned Parenthood -– and then plea for the votes of people who are Republican precisely because they hate all of these things.

As bad a job as Barack Obama has done, the GOP is doing everything in its power to lose in November.

There once was a time when even the dumbest senator understood that you need to go into an election with votes to energize your base. This is particularly true with a Republican nominee who has not always been good on conservative issues.

Senate floor fights over the CR would demonstrate that endangered Democrats like McCaskill and Tester are bad on the ObamaCare mandate, right on the eve of the election. It would remind gun owners in Michigan and Ohio what’s at stake in the election. It would expose the creepy underbelly of the abortion-loving Democrats who worked so hard last week to put a friendly face on genocide.

Instead, without these votes, we risk going into the election with nothing more than a vapid narrative which says: “I’m a businessman.” This does not guarantee failure, but it certainly courts it.