Our current president and his administration are either the most inept governing group that we have ever had or they are extreme idealogues that are willing to severely damage our great nation in order to reshape the world as they see fit. I personally believe it’s mostly the latter with a little of the former in the mix. Let’s take a look at some recent examples which demonstrate my point.

   Our national southern border is a complete cluster-you-know-what. It’s common knowledge. Scores of undocumented illegal aliens pour across the border each day. Violent drug gangs and cartels are killing and mutilating people. They terrorize citizens on both sides of the border. Several American law enforcement officers along with innocent good-samaritan citizens have been gunned down by these thugs. Phoenix is second only to Mexico City for kidnappings in the world. Several reports have recently surfaced which state that the Middle-Eastern terrorist group Hezbollah have established bases in Mexico near our border. Apparently, they are getting their piece of the pie in narcotic sales. The sale of heroin is a major fundraiser for them. Our border is wide open for terror cells to enter at their convenience. The border states have been begging for help with the problem for quite some time but their requests have fell on deaf ears. Finally, the state of Arizona decided to take the bull by the horns themselves to help stem the flow. Instead of offering their support, the Obama administration, led by Attorney General Eric Holder, set out to demonize the state, and now they have filed a frivolous lawsuit against Arizona. Most constitutional scholars that I have heard opine on the subject agree that the federal government’s case is extremely weak. Adding insult to injury, President Obama recently told Arizona Senator John Kyl that he would not work to close the border until the Republicans agreed to support him in immigration reform and amnesty for illegal aliens already in the country. Any sane person with one iota of common sense knows that if you offer amnesty prior to closing the border, it will look like the Oklahoma land rush coming north over the border. Apparently, our president is more than willing to play politics with our national security in order to create another large automatic voting bloc for the Democratic Party. In my opinion, we should suspend all immigration until we get our national financial health restored.

   Eighty plus days ago a deep-water oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico near Louisiana. Eleven people tragically lost their lives as they worked hard to earn an honest living. A portal of gushing crude was unleashed. Millions of gallons of oil has severely damaged the gulf and its surrounding ecosystems. The federal government threw out the anchor and drug its feet in a delayed response to the disaster. Officials of the state of Louisiana became frustrated with the delay and started seeking their own solutions to the problem at hand. Not only did the federal government not take action, they then blocked Louisiana from implementing their plans. The federal bureaucracy with its red tape swooped in to spoil the day as usual. But that is not the entire story. Then several oil producing nations offered their equipment and expertise to help with the situation. And until just recently, our government inexplicably refused the help. Also, much needed oil skimmers sit idle in other coastal areas where they are not currently needed but the government refuses to send them to the gulf coast because there possibly could be a future oil spill where they’re located. That would be like a citizen phoning the police because his home is currently be burglarized. The police tell him they can’t send officers because there might be break-ins in the areas where the officers are currently located. It makes no sense at all. But very little about the federal government does make sense. And that’s why we need to shrink it, not grow it. The gulf coast is devastated. The fishing/seafood industry and tourism are reeling from the major body blow. Many lives and livelihoods have been destroyed or are on the verge of destruction, and our government is proving to be more the problem than the solution. Conspiracy theorists have surmised that the president is punishing the gulf coast area for not supporting him in the election. I don’t necessarily subscribe to this theory but I do believe that he and his administration are attempting to use this tragedy to get their radical energy and environmental policies in place. Remember, never let a tragedy go to waste. That is their motto. And once again, politics trumps the nation’s best interests. It’s the Obama way.

   During the 2008 presidential election, two members of the New Black Panther Party stood outside a Philadelphia polling place. They were both dressed in menacing black fatigues, boots and berets. One wielded a nightstick. They made threatening and intimidating statements to the white voters as they approached the polling place. The incident was captured on video. Initially, the Justice Department pursued charges against the men. They decided to not show up for court probably because they were confident the fix was in. The government won a default conviction. But by this time Eric Holder had become the Attorney General. He ordered that the charges be dismissed, and they promptly were. Now a whisteblower has come forward to report that the Holder led Justice Department has internally stated that there will not be investigations or prosecutions in any future matters such as this one when the perpetrators are black and the victims are white. Liberals adore whisteblowers except for when they tell on them. When I ponder this situation, I wonder if this would be pleasing to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and others of his ilk. He claimed that he was seeking a fair, color-blind society, and this is institutional racism. As a sidenote, the mainstream media have been conspicuous in their absence on this story. We all know that it would be the top story throughout the land if the racial roles were reversed.

   The President has spent until our government is on the verge of bankruptcy, and he wants to spend much more. Socialist leaders at the G-20 Summit even cautioned him on his reckless ways. And now he has told the head of NASA that his top priority is outreach to Muslim nations so they will feel better about themselves, and their supposed contributions to the world. It’s absurd. Like I initially wrote, he is either inept or he is purposely trying to damage our nation and its standing in the world.

   The other day I asked an Obama supporter what she expected from this president. She told me that she didn’t expect much from any president but she wanted to make certain that the Supreme Court had enough liberal representation so that Roe v. Wade would not be threatened. Unfortunately, there are too many single issue people in our society. They’re willing to let everything else go to hell in a handbasket as long as they get their way on their pet issue. I’ve got news for these folks, their single issue will be moot if our nation keeps heading down the path that our current president has us on.