As anyone knows who has not been in a cave the past few days, Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame has been suspended by the A&E network for comments he made about homosexuality. I have grown weary of the left-wing politically correct crowd who try to silence everyone that speaks dissent against their agenda. Phil is not the first to say that homosexuality is a sin. The first to say it was God. The All Mighty makes it perfectly clear through his written divine word, the Bible. Phil is only parroting what he learned from the word of God. I know that in today’s society, most people will tell you that there is no black and white when it pertains to what is right and what is wrong. They will say that everything is just different shades of gray. They espouse that what is wrong for one may not be wrong for another. They can believe what they want, but it does not make it true. The truth is that everything is either black or white. If it is not right, then it is wrong. And God’s word clearly states what’s right and what’s wrong. I know that it is inconvenient for people living certain lifestyles to be told that what they’re doing is wrong but if it’s true then it is true. Nothing can change that fact. By God’s standards, homosexuality is a sin. It is not any worse than any other sin, because sin is sin. It is all wrong. Homosexuals are not any more sinful than murderers, liars, cheats, adulterers or thieves, but what they are doing is sinful nonetheless. The word of God also teaches that we are to love all people, and we are to treat them with respect. It says that we should love the sinner and hate the sin, and we should pray for them all. There was nothing that Phil Robertson said that demonstrated hate toward the gay community. He was only stating what he believes to be true, and I wholeheartedly agree with him. Homosexuality is a perverse, unnatural, sinful act, and if that truth hurts your feelings then let me say sorry now but I will not back off that statement. I am not being judgmental, for judgment is for God alone. I’m just stating what I believe and know to be true. If A&E does not reinstate Phil Robertson, I and many like me will not watch their networks ever again. I, like everyone else, am a sinner. I’m not better than anyone else, but I have been saved by my faith in Jesus Christ, and I have been forgiven and cleansed by the precious blood of the Lamb. And to anyone who has not accepted Christ, I am urging you to do so before you leave this world lost and undone.