“You don’t have to be a weatherman to see which way the wind is blowing.”

Regardless of the election’s outcome the battle to limit fress speech through use of the (un)Fairness Doctrine will begin .

Aided and abetted by the corrupt MSM and the uninformed, intellectually challenged, products of our public school and uber-liberal colleges, a Dem controlled congress will try to silence conservative thought on talk radio, and the internet.

I am suggesting Redstate take the reins now in leading a defense of our First Ammendment Right regarding free speech.. A high profile blue ribbon committee should be established..possible name (First Defenders ) headed by folks of the stature of Fred, Newt, Mitt, Huck..Malkin, Hewitt, Kristol,and Eric….to begin planning and organizing a resistance of this coming thrust by raising capitol for print and tv ad buys to educate an apathetic public. We need to start now to prepare for the inevitable battle ahead.