Fourteen of 15 killers who had their jury-imposed death sentences reversed on March 9th by Illinois Democrat Gov. Pat Quinn had murdered women and girls during their killing sprees.

Don’t expect to read that in the Democratic Media (sometimes mistakenly referred to as the “MSM”). Other facts about the Illinois Democrat hug-a-killer program you won’t learn from the media:

* The 15 convicted killers given lifetime protection by Democrat Quinn had murdered a total of 40 people, including 26 women, 7 girls and 7 men. (This 2.7 victims per killer on death row is even higher than the national figures; the U.S. average for the past 35 years is about 2.2 human beings murdered by each killer sentenced to death.)

* Some combination of rape, child molestation, mutilation and dismemberment of victims also figures prominently in at least half of the killers’ case files. Many others had prior violent felony convictions, and at least two had been previously convicted of murder, had served time, and had been released to kill again. The killers also have more than 10 additional attempted murders among them.

* The lone killer among the 15 who did not have a (known) female murder victim had tried to kill two women (in addition to the men he killed) but both women survived their gunshot wounds.

* Nationally, women are overwhelmingly more likely to be victims of murder than be killers. This, of course, is also true of children. So laws that pamper killers effectively subsidize violence by men against women and children.

* Also nationally, murder victims are more often poor or working class, and more often people of color, than in the population at large.

* Not coincidentally, lawmakers banning the death penalty and Governors commuting sentences enjoy far more police protection than the typical murder victim enjoyed in their daily lives. Gov. Quinn, for example, has access to 24-hour police protection, which might explain, in part, his inability to understand the dangers regular folks face who don’t have his taxpayer-funded security detail.

These facts are vitally important to the nation’s death penalty debate, which is precisely why the media refuses to cover them.

Conservatives and libertarians need to re-engage in the death penalty debate. We should be actively working on behalf of the truly dispossessed: crime victims and their families. These are the truly suffering, truly forgotten in America.

What’s more, these death penalty bans will lead to more innocents being killed and victimized. Even the NY Times recognized in recent years the research demonstrating the deterrent effect of the death penalty, despite Democrats’ decades-long war to undermine it:

According to roughly a dozen recent studies, executions save lives. For each inmate put to death, the studies say, 3 to 18 murders are prevented.

(And I am not quoting The Blaze: that is from the NY Times.)

What about the prison guards who help protect us from violent predators? Illinois Democrats just greatly expanded the universe of prisoners with nothing to lose by targeting prison guards for violence. All prisoners serving life sentences (rather than just the few on death row) have now been given Kill A Guard Free cards by their Democrat friends. And if one should escape from prison or feel like attacking a nurse in the prison clinic – have at it, the Democrats say, we’ll be unable to impose a further penalty. (The fact that Democrats and George Soros-funded nonprofits are simultaneously fighting to end the death penalty and to give the incarcerated the right to vote is an op-ed for another day.)

It’s also important to note that once the death penalty is banned in favor of the (often phony) “life in prison without parole,” the Soros-backed Democrat front groups do not disband: they simply move to the next battle. In 2005, these groups successfully got the U.S. Supreme Court to invent a new constitutional right: an absolute right of 17 year-olds to kill without facing the death penalty. As I predicted at the time, once that new “right” was secured, the usual suspects simply turned around and launched campaigns to ban a sentence of “life in prison without parole” for teen predators. Sure enough, in 2010, Justice Kennedy was back in another 5-4 decision, inventing yet another new constitutional right: the right for “meaningful” opportunities for release for all non-killer teen predators. (Hint for those slow to see the penumbras: extending Constitutionally-mandated parole hearings to teen killers and eventually all adult predators is coming in future years.)

Not everyone from Illinois sides with the killers. President Abraham Lincoln supported the death penalty 150 years ago. President Barack Obama supports it today. “I believe there are some crimes…so heinous, so beyond the pale, that the community is justified in expressing the full measure of its outrage by meting out the ultimate punishment,” Obama wrote about the death penalty in The Audacity of Hope. (p. 58) Sure, his support for the death penalty may last about as long as his opposition to gay marriage – i.e., it will expire on Wednesday, November 7, 2012. But it is telling, and a bit sad, that Illinois Democrats have moved to the left even of our quite liberal president in order to protect killers from facing justice.

In a disturbing piece of political rhetoric on MSNBC on February 28, 2011, Gov. Quinn condemned efforts by Republicans in Wisconsin to eliminate collective bargaining by government union workers. Quinn suggested it was an effort to kick one’s adversary and “exterminate him.” Nine days later, Quinn personally reprieved 15 men who really did “exterminate” living and breathing people—and 82% of those exterminated were women and girls. Quinn can’t muster any concern for them.

“We the people, of the people, killing our own people,” Gov. Quinn lamented about the cruelty of the death penalty. Oh, wait—Quinn did not say that one. That lament was voiced by Anthony Mertz upon returning from Terre Haute, Ind., where he had gone to stand outside the execution of Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber. In recent years, Mertz has been on death row, convicted in Illinois of the 2001 rape, murder and mutilation of Eastern Illinois University student Shannon McNamara.

On March 9, 2011, Quinn signed an order guaranteeing that his ideological brother Mertz would never face the justice imposed by a jury of his peers for his brutal extermination of Shannon. Instead, Merts gets a life of movie nights, ice cream, sunsets, and a decent chance that some future liberal Democrat Governor or judge will one day grant him the freedom to kill another young woman.

A postscript and a silver lining: one way the media skews the death penalty debate in favor of killers is to fail to tell the stories of the victims. Sometimes, incredibly, particularly once a killer’s case is on appeal, media reports will not even name the victims – let alone describe the underlying crimes in detail. So here are the names of the 40 murder victims of Pat Quinn’s Evil 15 killers, whom he lovingly protected from justice with the stroke of his pen.

Pat Quinn does not care about these 40 people. But we should:

Shannon McNamara, Juan Estrada, Janet Mena, Dipak Patel, Ambalal Patel, Amy Schulz (age 10), Robin Brandley (sometimes spelled Robbin), Julie McGhee, Mary Ann Wells, Tammie Erwin, Denise Maney, Laura Uylaki, Cassandra Corum, Lynn Huber, Henrietta Banks, Stacey Frobel, Dzeneta Pasanbegovic, Ameal Pasanbegovic, Dorota Dziubak, Yolanda Gutierrez, Jessica Muniz (age 10), Kazimiera Paruch, Rose Newburn, Alfred Evans, Laura Marson (age 16), Lonna Sloop (age 12), Catherine McAvinchey, Kate Hanson-Tsao, Jimmy Tsao, Terrance Hanson, Mary Hanson, Jerry Weber, Mary Jill Oberweis, Virginia Johannessen, Kathleen Pate, Amanda Jeffers, Donnisha Hill (age 13, an African-American girl killed by a white man), Jeanine Nicarico (age 10), Melissa Ackerman (age 7), Donna Schnorr.

Now for the silver lining: prosecutors in Orange County, California, are seeking the extradition of one of Quinn’s Evil 15, Andrew Urdiales, so he can stand trial for the murders of five women in California. The Golden State currently has the death penalty, although Jerry Brown and the state’s Democrat lawmakers do not exactly install confidence in these matters. Still, perhaps California will stand up for women in this case where Illinois has not.


The writer formerly ran a nonprofit called Throw Away The Key, focused on protecting the public from violent felons.