Here’s my proposal:  pledge to your Blue Dog congressman that if he/she votes against both Cap’n Trade and Socialized Medicine 4 U (not for me), you will volunteer your time on their next re-election campaign.

While this may sound crazy, these issues are of supreme importance.  Whether they pass or fail will determine the fate of generations.  If enough centrist Dem’s vote against these two proposals, we will have stepped back from the brink, and that, I think, is worth a few hours a week of my time.

For what it’s worth, here is my letter to my congressman, Dennis Moore, KS-03:

I read with sad irony that one of your top three values, as described on your home page, is fiscal responsibility; that a “nation of values doesn’t pass huge debts to future generations.”

Mr. Moore, during the 111th Congress you’ve voted for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the $410B Omnibus Appropriations for 2009 the FY09 budget, with its $1.2 trillion deficit.  When one adds to this total the *literally* untold trillions committed by TARP, the UAW bailouts, etc, there is no surprise that the CBO projects the national debt to reach 100% of GDP by 2019, which is – to use the environmentalists’ parlance – unsustainable.

2019 is the year that a girl whom I love as my own granddaughter will graduate from high school.  We are deciding her future today, and in my opinion, that future is bleak.

As you are well aware, there are two other bills on the House agenda – Waxman/Markey and some Orwellian-titled proposal to socialize health care in this country.  These two bills together will do more fiscal damage than all the previous misappropriations combined, consigning that little girl to an economic future not unlike the 1970s stagflation era, but with lower-paying jobs.

I read that you are a member of the Blue Dog Coalition.  So far, this coalition has done little to separate themselves from Pelosi, Frank & Co. when it comes to the final votes.  I will make this promise to you – if you vote against the bills on health care and cap and trade, I – as a lifelong registered Republican – will volunteer my time on your next re-election campaign.  I could then without hesitation support you as being fiscally responsible – a position you claim, as I mentioned, on your home page.


Miles A. Wilson
Mission KS