I am not going to use this post to mock the absurdity of liberals declaring the war on drugs to be a costly, immoral & futile effort while advocating using the full powers of the federal government to wage war on a table condiment. I shall not mention that currently the President is coming down harder with unilateral sanctions on Pringles while Persia continues its illegal nuclear weapons program, provides military support to insurgents killing our troops, and continues to imprison political dissidents and students. I will be blind to the fact that SALT, while a four letter word, is not JOBS and therefore is not something the administration should be wasting time with while unemployment is still above the stimulus package promise of 8%. Nor will I list the litany of liberal issues that the president promised would be on his agenda like closing Gitmo, repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and removing warrentless wiretaps from the Patriot act.

No in this post, I thought I’d provide a simple collection of great videos to accompany Obama’s new crisis.

No not everyone is happy about this at all Mr President.

Won’t you allow a poor boy to have his Salty?

What? Using video of one condescending egotistical pompous elitist to mock another is RACISM? Oh right, black people all look the same to Media Matters. Nevermind, I’ll just use the approved media model of “ask the black commentator” to illustrate my point here.

There. Now Why would the President have the need to attack salt unless, of course! The Russians, its a preemptive strike!

Wait that’s not about food at all. Never mind I can’t figure this out. TourettesGuy close me out here. (Nanny Laws now require I tell you “Tourettes Guy” = “WARNING LANGUAGE!!! NSFW!!!”)

(more salty videos)

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