So the present administration and our A.G. Mr. E. Holder are filing a law suit against Arizona. They declare that the law is “Unconstitutional”. That the only entity which is allowed to create and enforce immigration is the Government.
This, despite the fact that the Arizona law is almost word for word identical to the U.S. law regarding immigration.

Despite the reality that during the 60’s and 70’s we actually had commercials on T.V. that stated that all Aliens MUST carry their cards and present them to the officials when requested.

Despite the necessity of all sovereign countries, Republic, Socialist or Communist, to protect their borders and ensure the safety of their public and currency.

So THEY reign down upon “The People”. THEY bring law suits against the public, just like the “Banana Republics” we see all over the world. To enforce their agenda. Repression at it’s best.

And to make matters worse, there is still about 30% of the population that believes that this is a good thing.
Well, let us ask ourselves. If OUR Government can bring law suits against Business, and law suits against States. What is to stop them from bringing law suits against us, the individuals, The People?
Where will the exercise of unbridled, “un-constitutional” power to oppress stop?

It stops with The People, and their power to vote. But make no mistake, this is not going to last either. Do not underestimate the power of stupid!
If we all let this continue, we will see the “Right” to vote disappear. In the name of “getting things done”, we run the risk of having those in charge declare that The People are just getting in the way. That “Governing by Committee” is too slow and cumbersome. And we will then get a taste of what real Government could be.
We WILL see the vote disappear.
We WILL see King Rulers again.
We WILL have complete repression of freedom in this country.

All in the name of your safety. To protect you from yourselves and all other entities which are only trying to hurt you.
Any other way would just not be FAIR!