M. Romney and his side kick, P. Ryan have to stop with the medicare campaigning.
The people who use medicare are NOT economy drivers.
WE ARE IN A DISPARATE ECONOMIC SITUATION and our “Conservative” candidates are talking
about Health Care!

What about Jobs, Oppressive Government Regulation, the Value of the Dollar, our Military and Borders, people taking their money and denouncing their citizenship from the U.S.A……….?
Wholly Cow!?

Do we really NEED to be dancing to the song being played by Obama!?
He is conducting the band, and our numskull candidates are dancing happily along, thinking that they will be selected “King and Queen” of the prom.

WE NEED to talk about the real problems of the U.S. to the REAL economy drivers, the young and the middle class worker.

Please, please, Gov. Romney, if you care at all about this country, get OFF the Medicare Merry-Go-Round!