The Arizona state government is taking its cues from from its constituent people.  The Arizona public want the border controlled.

The laws the are trying to pass will give the police the ability to stop the illegals and ask them for their papers.

Do not get me wrong, I am not sure the laws will stand.  I will assume that the ACLU will bring suits.  I think the Progressives will do this.

What we have to understand is this, the people that live in the border states are getting tired  of the Illegal aliens and the mayhem they cause.

I have heard people say that “it is a federal issue.”  If this is the case, then sure, the federal government should do the job.  The problem comes with who is in the power in the government.  If you have people who wants the illegal aliens in the country for the protection of their political power.

I digress.

I think, on the surface, this was a good idea but we will see if the supreme court will or will not knock down the law.